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Offer: Lavalamp (V8X 1V2) - This is a small lava lamp with yellow wax and clear water. There is something wrong with it that the wax is all stuck to the side of the glass and won't come off. Bulb not included. Offer: ethernet cable (V8X 1V2) - 3 separate lengths, haven't measured them.
Offer: window weather stripping (V8X 1V2) - for interior windows
Offer: walkman w/ mystery cassette (V8X 1V2) - what's on the tape? what an amazing mystery for you to solve! ^_^
Offer: the clapper - clap on clap off! (V8X 1V2) Gifted - one prong is for two claps, the other is for three.
Offer: brand new water saver shower head (V8X 1V2) - bran' spankin' new
Offer: Danier mens leather jacket & gloves (V8X 1V2) Gifted - Tried to get $25 for this but nobody cared so I suppose it's free now! -- My old leather jacket. Size medium but fits quite loosely, and the hem comes down below the belt line. Full disclosure: The lining inside is quite worn but it can easily be relined for about $40. Paid $250 for this jacket new. I'm throwing in a pair of leather gloves, too.
Offer: Souped-Up Scratching Post (V8X 1V2) - So I had this on CL for ages, put a lot of work into it, it's worth more than free but I'm apparently the only one who thinks so -- had tons of replies telling me the ad was funny though :/ can't move it so i guess it's free now! -- I got this scratching post so my cat would stop scratching the carpet, but he didn't, so I figured it was too short, so I souped it up by adding a further 13" of cedar 4x4 (do you know how hard it is to drill down the center of a 4x4 lol) , and reinforced the base with 2" more of solid pine. I also added a dangly thing on the top. Guess what? He still doesn't scratch it after all that work. So I have to give it away. Well, now, it's totally kickass, way better than it was when I bought it. Full height, not including dangly thingy (which is removable) is 34". (I have also included a picture of my cat.) *EDIT* THE DANGLY THING IS GONE! POOF!!
Offer: new bag of dehydrated rabbit ears (V8X 1V2) Gifted - I bought a brand new bag of dehydrated rabbit ears but my cat won't touch em, so now they're useless. The bag cost me $20 and change with tax, and pew pew pew they're for you!
Offer: samsung laser printer (V8X 1V2) Gifted - This is a samsung ML-2855ND laser printer. as far as I can recall it works but might need more toner.
Offer: Brother printer, needs repair (V8X 1V2) - Brother HL-3170CDW, needs fuser unit. functions but not very well
Offer: 3 car music peripherals (V8X 1V2) Gifted - These are devices allowing you to play media devices through your car's radio.
Offer: boxing hand wraps (V8X 1V2) - black, fits large male hands. x2 Offer: old yoga mat/camping pad (V8X 1V2) - Not kidding this sucker is old and dirty but still really comfortable. Might wanna wash it off though. same one in the pictures, just different colour balances.
Offer: quick release lightweight vise (V8X 1V2) - This is a light-duty vise which has a plastic base that screws onto a table and the unit quick releases from this. the vise operates by a twisting dial. It has removable rubber grips.
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Offer: dual boot pc w/ speakers & keyboard (V8X 1V2) - This is a really old computer but it's in fine working condition, dual boots windows and linux. It's not a powerhouse but might do somebody some good. Have a look at the paper in the picture to see its specs. Comes with speakers and keyboard
Request: crutches for 6'1" height (V8X 1V2) Received - Hello, today I tore a tendon in my knee and can barely walk. Apparently London drugs rents crutches but they don't have any for someone my height (6'1"). I am hoping someone might have some old crutches, I'm an absolute cripple right now :( thank you
Request: Old locks, no keys required (V8X 1V2) - Looking for old used locks for locksmith training. No keys required. Thanks!