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Offer: Canned food (Ethyl St Milpitas) - Not pictured ~ red beans,black beans, refried beans, navy beans and pinto beans. Prefer someone to take all
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Request: Rugs (Ethyl St Milpitas) Request: Furniture ~ Couch/bed/dining table (Ethyl St Milpitas) - Hi, Just moved in to an unfurnished apt and therefore looking for furniture.....bed, tables, chairs, couches, ottomans, dining table, bookshelfs etc. Offer: Canned food (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) - Includes sweetcorn, peas, beets, green beans, pumpkin etc Offer: Body pillow (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale)
Offer: Cereal boxes and canned food (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) - Looking to give it to someone who really needs it.
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Offer: Soft toys (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) - 2 boxes full
Offer: Working side lamp (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale)
Offer: Tea serving set (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale)
Offer: Sushi serving dishes (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale)
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Offer: Big wicker vase (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale)
Offer: Soft toys (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) - Hi, Would like to give a carton full of soft toys to some kid. Pls let me know if your kid would like to have them. Offer: snake plant (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale)
Offer: Plant (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale)
Request: Women jewelry (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) - looking for earrings, necklaces, hair pins etc Request: Snow Chains (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) Request: Gas can (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) Request: Dangle earrings for women (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) Request: Perfume (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) Request: Small artificial Xmas tree (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) Request: Adult Sleeping bags (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) Request: Reusable ice packs (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) - Looking for 5 to 10 reusable ice packs Request: Vacuum Food Sealer (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) - Hi, Does anyone happen to have a spare one? Thanks Request: Power Strip (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) - Looking for a power strip with more than three outlets Request: Soy/Nut milk maker (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) - Hi, Does anyone happen to have soy or nut milk maker? Offer: 2 bean bags (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) Gifted - Good condition
Request: Cement mix (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) Request: Size 12 Women's clothes (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) - Hi, Looking for sweaters, cardigans, skirts, dresss etc. Thanks a lot. Offer: Black and fujian oolong teas (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) Gifted - 5 unopened bottles
Request: Pumpkins (Wildwood Ave Sunnyvale) - Hi, If you have pumpkins leftover from Halloween, I would love to have them to make savoury and sweet dishes for my family.