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Request: Car sat nav (Halesowen B63) Received - Does any kind person have an old car sat nav languishing in a cupboard, maybe no longer used after an upgrade? If so, I can give it a new life and can be relied on to collect at a time to suit you. Thank you for reading. Offer: Blankets (Halesowen B63) Gifted - Five double blankets free for collection if anyone wants them. Were all laundered prior to being stored away in vacuum bags. Woollen, not synthetic and may be of use to somebody, otherwise they'll go to a charity shop or shelter.
Photo of free Blankets (Halesowen B63)
Request: One or two person tent. (Halesowen B63) Received - Does anyone have a small, backpacking type tent they no longer use or need, please? I'm in Halesowen and would reliably collect at a time to suit you.Thank you for reading and I'm grateful for any replies. Offer: Heavy duty crates. (Halesowen B63) Gifted - Three heavy duty crates, no lids, roughly 24"x16"×9". They need a good wash and are covered in over spray paint to varying degrees, but very strong and usable. Free to a good home, for collection only, please. Don.
Photo of free Heavy duty crates. (Halesowen B63)
Request: Broken laptop (Halesowen B63) Received - Has anyone got a broken laptop for me to tinker with, please? I'd like to try to improve my knowledge of computers, without the risks of making things worse, like I usually do! I could collect at a time to suit you and am 100% reliable and punctual. Request: Pressure washer (Halesowen B63) Received - I know it's a big ask, but does anyone have a working pressure washer they no longer need? If so I can be totally relied upon to collect at a time to suit you and would arrive punctually. Thank you for reading. Cheers, Don. Request: Storage boxes or crates (Halesowen B63) Received - Hello, does any kind soul have any surplus storage boxes or crates please? I can collect and would arrive punctually at a time to suit you. Thank you in advance. Cheers, Don.