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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Lawn Jockey with Broken Arm (Downtown—SoMa) Expired - Too heavy for most people to carry on their own. Plan to bring a friend if you want to pick it up.
Photo of free Lawn Jockey with Broken Arm (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Wallpaper border (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted
Photo of free Wallpaper border (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Wallpaper Remnants (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - Several patterns. Some rolls barely used, others just have tiny scraps.
Photo of free Wallpaper Remnants (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Pipe joint compound (Downtown—SoMa) Expired - Two small opened bottles. More than half used.
Photo of free Pipe joint compound (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Furniture refinish, linseed oil (Downtown—SoMa) Expired - All opened and a bit more than half used
Photo of free Furniture refinish, linseed oil (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Orange outdoor pillows (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - One has a bit of paint on one side (shown in picture). I threw them in the washing machine but they still look a little dirty.
Photo of free Orange outdoor pillows (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Grab Bag- St Patty/Easter (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - Hodgepodge of goodies. Mostly St Patrick’s Day things, one pack of foam glitter Easter bunnies, and some yellow happy face balloons. All new!
Photo of free Grab Bag- St Patty/Easter (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Large professional frame (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - Really big frame. It’s of a map of Africa, but there’s also a personal photo in there and stickers marking certain locations so you probably wouldn’t want to hang it as is. Was done professionally, so the backing doesn’t just pop off to easily put in something else. Not sure how to reuse...hence posting here!
Photo of free Large professional frame (Downtown—SoMa)
Photo of free Large professional frame (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Sewing desk—broken legs (Downtown—SoMa) Expired - Vintage sewing desk. Could be really nice if you fixed the legs.
Photo of free Sewing desk—broken legs (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Decorative rocks (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted
Photo of free Decorative rocks (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Hot and Cold Eye Mask (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - I tried the mask on once but didn’t like how heavy it was. Other than that, never used.
Photo of free Hot and Cold Eye Mask (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Yoga with Baby Cards (Downtown—SoMa) Withdrawn - Cute set of cards with ideas for doing yoga at home with a baby.
Photo of free Yoga with Baby Cards (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Gift bags (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - 15+used bags, most still in very good shape. Mix of baby, birthday, and general use.
Photo of free Gift bags (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: 6” six ring binder (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted
Photo of free 6” six ring binder (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Strip of Carpet Padding (Downtown—SoMa) Expired - Leftover from trimming down a rug pad
Photo of free Strip of Carpet Padding (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Brown Leather Bag Strap (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - Unopened. Came with a bag that has shoulder straps I use instead.
Photo of free Brown Leather Bag Strap (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Clinique Clarifying Lotion (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - 3/4 Full bottle. Nothing wrong with it, my skin was just a little too sensitive too keep using it.
Photo of free Clinique Clarifying Lotion (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Take Out Silverware (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - Bag of about 50 sets of never used take out silverware. I save these because I feel terrible throwing them out, but I have no use for them. Hopefully you do!
Photo of free Take Out Silverware (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Assorted Sewing (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - Needles, thread, buttons, crochet and loop rug hooks
Photo of free Assorted Sewing (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Gently used eye shadow (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - Several cliniquel samples. New brushes.
Photo of free Gently used eye shadow (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Pvc piping (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - Random assortment Curbside at 1314 S Spring St
Photo of free Pvc piping (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Wood-Lean To Remnants (Downtown-SoMa) Expired - Tore down a lean to. All this is going in a dumpster this week unless you’ve got a need for it!
Photo of free Wood-Lean To Remnants (Downtown-SoMa)
Offer: Paint (Downtown) Gifted - I’ve got several open, partially used paint cans with exterior house paint. Colors aren’t all a perfect match, but close. Beige, light green, forest green, and wine. Placed curbside 1314 S Spring St
Photo of free Paint (Downtown)
Offer: Deck finish (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - Two partially used containers of deck finish. Can schedule pickup or leave curbside.
Photo of free Deck finish (Downtown—SoMa)
Photo of free Deck finish (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Saw horse sides (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - Can place curbside
Photo of free Saw horse sides (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Foam pots (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - Big, sturdy pots and trays Can place curbside
Photo of free Foam pots (Downtown—SoMa)
Photo of free Foam pots (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Tile (Downtown—SoMa) Expired - I think this was salvaged from the fireplace of a home nearby. Can place curbside.
Photo of free Tile (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Pvc piping (Downtown—SoMa) Gifted - Random assortment Can place curbside
Photo of free Pvc piping (Downtown—SoMa)
Photo of free Pvc piping (Downtown—SoMa)
Photo of free Pvc piping (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Tiny table (Downtown—SoMa) Expired - One foot tall, circular hole in the top, not very sturdy Can place curbside
Photo of free Tiny table (Downtown—SoMa)
Offer: Wallpaper adhesive (Downtown—SoMa) Expired - I’ve got some random pieces of old wallpaper if you want, too!
Photo of free Wallpaper adhesive (Downtown—SoMa)