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Request: Old wooden ladder (AL10, Hatfield) - Hi there, I am in need of an old wooden ladder to up cycle into a herb drying rack if anyone can help! Thank you! Request: Wooden planters (AL10, Hatfield) - Hi there, we are in need of wooden planters. I am disabled and used to love garden but can’t get down on the ground to do it anymore. I am looking for wooden planters either raised or ones I can get turned into raised. my husband can collect within social distancing rules. Thank you! Request: Pyrography pen/kit (AL10, Hatfield) - I am looking for a pyrography kit. I am handmaking some bits for myself and for Christmas presents and I would like to try my hand at this but I don’t want to run out and buy a whole new kit in case I don’t take to it. Thank you! Request: Spice jars (AL10, Hatfield) - Hi there, I am looking for empty spice jars, the kind you get supermarket herbs and spices in. I want to reuse them for bagged spices I have for making herbal remedies and teas. Thank you! Offer: Single mattress (AL10, Hatfield) - I have a well used single mattress. It’s not the best but will do someone a turn if they urgently need a mattress! Offer: Workout stuff (AL10, Hatfield) Gifted - I have a set of focus pads with a skipping rope and a body weight suspension kit. I am no longer able to use them so would like to offer them to someone who can make use of them.
Photo of free Workout stuff (AL10, Hatfield)
Photo of free Workout stuff (AL10, Hatfield)
Offer: sewing trolley + patterns (AL10, Hatfield) Gifted - Old vintage sewing trolley which could be done up. It has a few scratches etc but otherwise is in good condition. It also has around packets of vintage sewing patterns.
Photo of free sewing trolley + patterns (AL10, Hatfield)
Offer: Chest of drawers (AL10, Hatfield) Gifted - White chest of drawers only a year old but runners have broken. Good condition except for that which can be repaired. Collection ASAP but I cannot help love them due to disability.
Photo of free Chest of drawers (AL10, Hatfield)
Request: Large candles (South Hatfield) Received - Hi! I am looking for large (either pillar or jarred) candles of lots of different colours. Any help is greatly appreciated! Request: Dolls house for new hobby (South Hatfield) Received - Hi there!I am looking for an old dolls house that no one wants or has use for any more. I am talking about the wooden ones that you decorate yourself with wallpaper and carpet etc. I am disabled and have lost most of my old hobbies and would love to be able to have a dolls house as a project! If it comes with bits I may be able to make use of that would be even better but notnecessary. Any offers are greatly appreciated thank you! Request: Lava lamps (South Hatfield) Received - Hi there, I am looking for lava lamps of any size and colour so long as they work for my daughters room. She suffers from anxiety and is on the autistic spectrum and I am hoping the lamps will help her to relax. Any offers are appreciated thank you. Request: Kids football goals (South Hatfield) - Hi there, my daughter had developed an interest in playing football and I want to encourage her due to physical problems with her joints and would like some goals for the garden. Any offers are very much appreciated thank you. Request: Dog bits (South Hatfield) - Hi there! I have just homed a 9 month old springer who used to be a working dog but wasn’t suitable for that life. We have a few bits to keep him entertained but could do with a bit more so he doesn’t get bored. Any hardwearing toys for a medium sized dog, any agility type equipment and any bookswith ideas for keeping a brainy dog entertained would be so very much appreciated!