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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Hair care stuff (Severna Park) Gifted - Products (almost full), blow dryer, hair wrap
Offer: Kojo Nnamdi insulated lunch bag (Severna Park) Gifted - Great shape
Offer: AP books (Severna Park) - See pic
Offer: 2 laundry bags (Severna Park) - Great shape
Offer: Stain removers (Severna Park) - See pic. Almost full
Offer: 2 makeup bags (Severna Park) - Great shape. See pic.
Offer: Plantar Fasciitis roller (Severna Park) - Vg condition
Offer: Double pink comforter (Severna Park) - Very soft and has 2 stains - great for a dog
Offer: Pool floatie (Severna Park) - See pic
Offer: School supplies galore (Severna Park) Gifted - See pic
Offer: Medium sized boot (Severna Park) - See pic. In great shape
Offer: Rug and carpet protector (Severna Park) - It is almost full
Offer: Measuring cup and 2 plastic bins (Severna Park) - See pic
Offer: 4 glass vases (Severna Park) Gifted - All in good shape
Offer: Snow pants (Severna Park) Gifted - One is men’s large Pants , one is bibs and equivalent of women’s medium
Offer: 2 bathroom faucets (Severna Park) Gifted - They work
Offer: 2 light fixtures (Severna Park) - They have been disassembled but they work. Comes with everything but bulbs. They are 3 feet long.
Offer: Slip n slide & octopus (Severna Park) Gifted - Full slip’n’slide and inflatable octopus for pool. Everything worked when went into attic storage years ago. Dusty but all should still inflate.
Offer: Halloween galore (Severna Park) Gifted - Lots of decorations. Moving, can’t take everything.
Offer: Fan (Severna Park) Gifted - Needs clip or stand. Works great
Offer: 2 bathrobes and men’s pjs (Severna Park) Gifted - Size medium. PJs are new. Bathrobes are thick
Offer: Photo album (Severna Park) Gifted - See pic
Offer: Seat cushion (Severna Park) Gifted - Grey and washable Attaches to any seat
Offer: Computer games (Severna Park) Gifted - See pic
Offer: Electric alarm clock (Severna Park) - Works
Offer: Ironing board (Severna Park) Gifted - In good shape
Offer: Small wheels (Severna Park) Gifted - These are to insert in furniture. They are brand new in package.
Offer: Rug Dr Carpet Cleaner Pet (Severna Park) Gifted - About 2/3 full
Offer: Lots of outdoor playthings (Severna Park) Gifted - Would like them to go somewhere they can be used by lots of kids.
Offer: Canvas from Harry Potter (Severna Park) - This is Cedric Diggory from Hufflepuff house. This hand painted canvas is about 4 ft high and maybe 2.5 feet wide.