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Offer: men's overshoe's (Guelph westend near costco) Withdrawn - Black overshoes and toe rubbers in 8 1/2-9. They are the kind that slip over shoes. Like new Request: Christmas Tree balls (Guelph westend near costco) Withdrawn - not small ones but the size to hang on a tree. Color doesn't matter but prefer not glass. Thanks Offer: Mens over boots and toe rubbers (Guelph westend near costco) - Black and size 8 1/2 men's zip up overshoes and toe boots Request: Wooden Calendar Holder (Guelph westend near costco) Received - Looking for a wooden calendar holder that you no longer use. I will be repainting so color not a problem. Thanks Request: bicycle inner tube (Guelph westend near costco) Withdrawn - I need a peace of the inner tube to use on my husbands cup holder on his wheel chair. The cup holder keeps sliding down and he cannot reach it so I thought this would hold it in place. Thanks Request: highboy dresser (Guelph westend near costco) Withdrawn - needs to have 4 or 5 drawers.Thanks Request: bookcase (Guelph westend near costco) Expired - bookcase with at least 5 shelves. Far apart so I can put baskets on them. Thanks Request: Card table and chairs (Guelph westend near costco) Expired - Looking for a card table that folds and 4 chairs to go with it. Request: male adult pull ups (Guelph westend near costco) Withdrawn - need to be a medium or large size Request: playing cards (Guelph westend near costco) Expired - Needed playing cards in pretty good shape for seniors Euchre card night sponsored by Royal City Lion Thanks Request: folding cot (Guelph westend near costco) Expired - Looking to borrow a camp cot or something similiar for the holiday season. Needs to fit a teenager. Thanks Request: baby gate (Guelph westend near costco) Expired - pressure mounted type gate not one that fastenes to wall. thanks Request: Folding camp cot (Guelph westend near costco) Expired - Need a camp cot for extra company comming for Christmas visit Thanks Request: baby gate (Guelph westend near costco) Expired - needed baby gate to keep my puppy out of bedrooms. Request: where to find electric wheelchair (Guelph westend near costco) Expired - Looking to find a good used wheel chair not a scooter style. Where to find Request: Mary Mary (Guelph westend near costco) Expired - Looking foe Mary to see if she still makes her pet foods. Offer: jewelry boxes (Guelph westend near costco) Gifted - 4 nice jewelry boxes if you are making items for sale Request: jam jars (west side Guelph) Received - looking for the smaller jars as I want to do some blueberry jam for my brother. Request: Items to be used for prizes (west side Guelph) Expired - Did you have Garage sale A ND HAVE ITEMS THAT MIGHT BE USED for small gifts for a seniors euchre card night? The Lions club would appreciate them. Thanks Sylvia Request: small dog carrier (Guelph) Received - Needed for a small dog carrier for about 10 pounds dog for when we are traveling