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Request: Gas Stove (48089) Expired - In working and safe condition. More worried about that than looks. Thank you for your consideration. Request: Frames mirrors (Eastpointe) Withdrawn - Any size, any color, don't throw away because glass broke, I'll take it off your hands. Save our landfills. Request: mens boots (Eastpointe) Withdrawn - Size 12 mens boots good condition. For same homeless man that needs a 3X jacket. Request: Mens Size Nike Shoes & Boots (Eastpointe) Expired - My 7th Grader son is deservedly looking for a pair of size 11 Black Air Force One High Tops or the LeBron Soldiers to protect his ankles from getting sprained anymore. His Middle School football Team just went undefeated. I'm so proud off him. His first yearinanytore of organized team and coach said he's 2nd best in 7th so #1 next season. Timbo's would be good for him too. He has no boots. Any color. Red his favorite. Green school. Black or brown always amazing. Request: Winter Coat for BIG GUY (Eastpointe) Expired - I know of a homeless man who really needs a coat it brings tears to my eyes when I see him out there in this cold and I can't find a 3X (or triple XXX however you say it) anywhere. If anyone can please help me let me know! Thank you so much!!! Request: Shelving units - freestand or hang (Eastpointe) Withdrawn - Contemporary, tall, craft drawers, wall shelves (black, brown or paintable), anything with zebra print, or giraffe, tiger, cheetah. Collect all wildlife stuff. Wood shelves are fine too. Request: Dressers tall and/or short (Eastpointe) Expired - Tall and/or short maybe a long dresser full of working drawers. Looks don't matter so much. I can always redo if needed. Request: washer/dryer Gas (Eastpointe) Expired - I'm looking for free or close to free washer and dryer gas for my disabled self, my twins and my son. Will pay for delivery if possible if not I'll find my own way to get them. We were homeless for multiple years, kids still did amazing in school. I'm so proud of them. They deserve everything. My sons middle school football team just went undefeated. Great to build his self esteem. ANYHOW, I FINALLY just got us into a house. It's to hard with my disabilities to walk to laundromat especially in the winter it's impossible really. Uber and lyft want 8 each way plus tip for 7 blocks which is outrageously unaffordable. Request: washer/dryer gas (Eastpointe) Expired - Not picky at all. My kids and I finally got our own home after five years of couch jumping and motel living homelessness and half a year of shelter living. We've been building back up but still need a lot.