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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: 2 window blinds with hardware (Ravenswood gardens) Withdrawn - 2” x 32” wide x 60” long faux wood window blinds with hardware. Please pick up in alley between 2549 and 2543 W Sunnyside Ave. Chicago 60625
Photo of free 2 window blinds with hardware (Ravenswood gardens)
Offer: Leviton Phone outlet (Ravenswood gardens) Gifted - White new phone jack
Photo of free Leviton Phone outlet (Ravenswood gardens)
Photo of free Leviton Phone outlet (Ravenswood gardens)
Offer: Micro USB (Ravenswood gardens) Gifted - Micro USB CABLE 12”
Photo of free Micro USB (Ravenswood gardens)
Offer: Ethernet cables (Ravenswood gardens) Gifted - 3’ and 6 ‘ ethernet cables. One or both free
Photo of free Ethernet cables (Ravenswood gardens)
Offer: Apple adapter (Ravenswood gardens) - White adapter for MacBook charger
Photo of free Apple adapter (Ravenswood gardens)
Offer: Fitbit charger (Ravenswood gardens) Gifted - I believe it’s the charge 3 charger. Lost the watch two years ago.
Photo of free Fitbit charger (Ravenswood gardens)
Request: aux cable ended male to male (Ravenswood gardens) Expired - Need a 3.5 AUX cable male to male. Maybe 4-5 feet long or so. Thanks Offer: Child air bed (Ravenswood gardens) Expired - Ages 2-4 52 L x 30 w. This is a Small airbed with a night light. Played with once. Two boys fought over it. Too small for a 4 year old boy but cute. Sunday giveaway. On Monday it will be in the alley. Offer: Lazyboy chair, rocking (Ravenswood gardens) Gifted - i will be giving chair away tonight or tomorrow evening. Probably will place in alley when someone responds. It does have cat scratches on the corner as can be seen in photo. the backis removable from base so it'seasy to transport in an SUV or similar car. Offer: Ikea Twin mattress and bed (Ravenswood gardens) Gifted - Twin size Ikea matress and bed. I will put them in alley off Rockwell just north and going west of Montrose Wednesday after 5 pm.