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Request: Rugs (Paradise Hills) Expired - Hi, happy spring everyone!! 🌸 I am a disabled, unemployed USN vet, and mom full time to my youngest kiddo— and I’m hoping for some floor coverings. I’ve looked to purchase some and found their simply beyond my current budget. My daughter and I live in a hastily converted garage [granny flat] with one large living/dining area and two rooms. It’s really great.... except they seemed to forget to insulate it and it gets crazy hot/cold along with the weather. No AC or installed heating. I’m hoping someone with nice taste and good housekeeping practices has become bored with her/his decor and plans on buying themselves new everything. 🤞🏻 I’d like to have a large area rug, and if possible a runner, a doormat, and something for the bathroom. My lil place is tile throughout and somehow the tile is always freezing, even in the summer! Rugs would be a blessing and very appreciated (and my knees would definitely thank you, too)!!! I’m in the market for window blinds along with various otherstuffs that make houses feel like homes. Thank you for reading this mini-novel and have a lovely day!! Offer: Approximately 6 buckets of dirt (Paradise Hills) Gifted - Excavated yesterday and needs to be gone today! Nutrient rich and clay heavy loam.
Photo of free Approximately 6 buckets of dirt (Paradise Hills)
Request: Twin beds desired (3 total) (Paradise Hills) Expired - I’m looking for a twin bed and box spring and frame set for each of my daughters who are 10 and 11 and also for myself so that my daughters can have their own beds.