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Offer: Plant (Priory Village RH15) - Physallis, AKA Chinese lantern. I have grow several of these from seed. They may develop their lanter-like blooms (for drying; flower arrangement) this autumn or, if not, late summer 2021. The plant spreads as it becomes established!
Request: Plant-pots (Priory Village RH15) - Large, (10 to 12 inches across please) to pot on rapidly growing tomato plants. Offer: Chilli Plants (Priory Village RH15) - Currently small seedlings but ready to pot on. Offer: Internal wooden door, Victorian (Priory Village RH15) Withdrawn - Original door from Victorian cottage refurbishment. Solid pine with battens. Other similar doors came up beautifully when stripped back. No fittings or hinges remaining. Dimensions:186 high, 76 wide.
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Request: Linen (Priory Village RH15) - I am looking for a piece of white or cream linen for a craft project. Must be stain-free but doesn't need to be very big; only up to a foot square, please. Perhaps someone has an old linen blouse they can't wear any more? Many thanks! Request: Rhubarb crown (Priory Village RH15) Received - Is anyone dividing their rhubarb crown and willing to give me a piece of it, please? Offer: Vacuum ckeaner (Priory Village RH15) Gifted - Mains operated stick vac cleaner with tools. If interested, please ask for photo. Good working order (I got a cordless one for Christmas!!!). Offer: Charger for toothbrush (Priory Village RH15) - Spare charger for electric toothbrush. Plugs in to 2-pin shaver adaptor.
Offer: Adaptor (Priory Village RH15) - Old but clean (!) round-pin adaptor. Ordinary 3-pin plug fits in other side. Probably unlikely to be needed by anyone, but thought I'd put it on here just in case!
Request: sun lounger (Priory Village RH15) Received - With folding metal frame preferred, please. Does not matter if fabric is tatty, as long as the sun lounger is sturdy! Thank you.