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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: SCAD (art school) buttons (Carrollton) - Stylish buttons in good condition.
Offer: String of buttons plant (Carrollton) Gifted - Beautiful string of button plant. Both of these plants have been growing quickly and I hope to find them a caring home.
Offer: Asexual flag (Carrollton) - Gently cared for Asexual flag.
Offer: BTS photo (Carrollton) Gifted - A nice BTS photo for any fan of the boy group.
Offer: Fungicide (Carrollton) Gifted - Never before used fungicide, perfect for garden plants and house plants alike.
Offer: Lavender organic toner (Carrollton) Gifted - Great condition, barely used and 90% of the bottle still has toner in it
Offer: Mineral bath salt Ylang Ylang (Carrollton) Gifted - Never before opened aromatherapy bath salts
Offer: Black Notebook (Carrollton) Gifted - A never before used black notebook.
Offer: Blue placemat (Carrollton) Gifted - 16”x12” blue placemat, gently used and in good condition.
Offer: .5 pencil lead (Carrollton) - .5 pencil lead. I got rid of my mechanical pencils because they don’t work, so I’d be happy to drop off these to someone who would use them Offer: Small Space Journal (Carrollton) Gifted - A never before used journal with the theme of space on the front.
Offer: Crystals assortment (Carrollton) Gifted - A colorful and varying array of crystals and gems I would love to give to caring homes
Offer: Maverick playing cards (Carrollton) Gifted - Gently used playing cards
Offer: Small standing hand mirror (Carrollton) Gifted - A gently used hand mirror with a fuchsia border.
Offer: Face masks (Carrollton) Gifted - Korean face masks, please specify if you’d like all 4 or specific ones, first come first served.
Offer: Cute cat hand fan (Carrollton) Gifted - Gently used fan with cat playing on it.
Offer: Black binoculars (Carrollton) Gifted - Gently used black binoculars, roughly 3.5’’x3.5’’ in length and width.
Offer: Black pencil sharpener (Carrollton) Gifted - Gently used black X-Acto pencil sharper
Offer: Command Hanging Strips (Carrollton) - Never before used Command strips, used for holding Large picture frames on the walls.