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Request: Black 2-hole button, round, approx 3cm diameter (Edlesborough LU6) Withdrawn - On behalf of someone else, I'm searching for a button that's as similar as possible to the one shown in the picture. Main features: Black Round Marginally over 3cm in diameter Smooth matt finish. I've already searched through my own 'spare button' jar and also the stashes held by other family members, but to no avail :-( Hopefully there is one like it lurking in someone else's button jar/tin/box! I'll very happpilt collect. Thanks
Offer: 'Vintage' SIM City 2000 PC Disc (Edlesborough LU6) Withdrawn - From the mid/late 1990's.
Offer: A4 Pocket Display Books (Edlesborough LU6) Withdrawn - 2 Books - 20 clear pockets in each. Might be useful for school project work?
Offer: A4 Clip Folder (Edlesborough LU6) Withdrawn - Might be useful for school project work?
Offer: Air Mail Envelopes & Writing Paper (Edlesborough LU6) Withdrawn - 19 Envelopes, approx 2/3rds of the writing paper sheets remaining in the pad.
Offer: 'Vintage' Tomb Raider II Strategy Guide (Edlesborough LU6) Withdrawn - Circa mid/late 1990's. Might be of interest to a collector?
Offer: Self-Paint Crockery/Pottery (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - These are 'raw', unpainted, unglazed pieces of pottery, designed for 'self-painting' then glazing and firing, so they need to go to someone who has access not only to the paints/glazes, but also something to fire them in. I don't know what type of pottery material they're made of, so it will be up to any eventual recipient to ensure these pieces are compatible with the kiln used to fire them.
Offer: Packing Materials - 'Air Pillows' (Edlesborough LU6) Withdrawn - I received a delivery yesterday that contained a lot of medium/large air pillow strips. Maybe they are of use to someone?
Offer: Spent tomato and pea compost (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - Might be useful for enriching soil on an allotment or are you're doing (on planning on doing) a bit of a garden makeover. There are 4 growbags - each previously had 3 plants in, but these wre grown on top of teh bags in Plant Halos, so much of the compost in the bags remains. There are 2 containers worth of compost in which I grew mange-tout and sugar-snap peas. The containers aren't on offer though - just their content.
Offer: Green Tomatoes (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - Just under 2kg (4 1/4 lb) of unripened tomatoes. Might be of use to someone who makes chutney? They're the remaining fruits from my home grown plants. The large toms are "shirley" and the handful of smaller ones are a mix of "Gardener's Delight" and a mini-plum variety whose name escapes me.
Offer: Thistle Board Finish (Edlesborough LU6) Withdrawn - At a guess I'd say somewhere between a quarter and a third of the bag is left.
Offer: Over Radiator Airers (Edlesborough LU6) Withdrawn - Two airers that can be hung over radiators and used to dry small articles of clothing.
Offer: Pet Water Bottle (Edlesborough LU6) Withdrawn - Rabbit/Guinea Pig water bottle. Good condition (can't recall ever having used it) - we've never had a rabbit or guinea pig!
Offer: Cat Litter Tray (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - A medium sized cat litter tray. There are small number of litter liners available too, along with the remains of a bag of wood pellet cat litter and some cat litter freshener powder (like talc!).
Offer: Aquaroll (Edlesborough LU6) Withdrawn - This is very old and has not been used for many years so will need a thorough cleaning inside before being used again (suggest milton fluid or the like). Unfortunately we don't also have the metal handle that's used with these rolls to help push them along. We found two small children were adequate replacements!
Offer: Safety Trainers shoes - Size 4 (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - New, boxed pair of Amblers Safety Trainers. They have 'steel' toe caps inside them. UK size 4.
Offer: Canvas Wardrobe x2 (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - Dismantled - There are two of these. Both 'double' sized and both with internal hanging units (to slide folded jumpers and the like into). I would like them to go together. Feel free to freegle one on again if you only want/need one of them. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of them in an assembled state nor do I have any assembly instructions.
Offer: Gutter Cleaning Tool (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - This is, apparently, a tool that you use to scoop leaf debris and the like out of gutters. It has a telescopic handle.
Offer: IKEA Portis Clothes Rail x2 (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - Dismantled - There are two of these and I would like them to go together (feel free to freegle one on again if you only want/need one of them). This is what they will each look like when assembled:
Offer: Fentiman's Cola and Dandelion & Burdock (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - Two unopened 750ml bottles. The cola best before date is 20th Jan 2020, but the dandelion & burdock is already past its best before date of 28th July 2019. Can't imagine it'll taste any different though.
Offer: Clothes Airer (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - Not much more that can be said about this. It's a clothes airer. It folds up and down again for storage.
Offer: Expanding Garden Trellis (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - New plastic expanding garden trellis. Expands to 6 foot x 2 foot (180cm x 60cm). Green colour.
Offer: Reed Screening (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - New/Unused natural reed garden screening roll. 1 metre in height and 4 metres in length.
Offer: Plant Towers (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - Two expanding (in height) plant towers complete with assembly and planting instuction leaflets. Both previously used, but still have life left in them.
Offer: Building Sand (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - At least half of the bag's contents are left.
Offer: Mastercrete Cement (Edlesborough LU6) Withdrawn - Most of the bag's contents are left. This is at least 7 years old (probably more), but it's not set solid, so seems to be useable.
Offer: Kitchen Trolley boxed, needs TLC (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - NOTE - THE 2nd (COMPLETE ITEM) PICTURE IS JUST FOR REFERENCE. IT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING. THE ITEM BEING LISTED HERE IS THE BOXED, UNASSEMBLED ONE THAT NEEDS A BIT OF TLC TO PUT IT TOGETHER OK. I bought two of these self-assembly trollies last year. One was OK. This one had a number of pieces that were slightly defective, so it was never assembled. Nothing major - can likely be rectified by someone using a bit of wood glue and maybe a couple of small tacks (or a staple gun). This is a link to the item on ebay.
Offer: ECO Camel Shower Head x2 (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - Two boxed and unused Eco Camel Aerated Shower Heads. Happy for them to go together or separately.
Offer: Door Knob satin chrome (Edlesborough LU6) Withdrawn - Boxed and unused - A round, satin chrome centre door knob. Carlisle Brass brand. Back plate = 8.5cm width. Round knob/handle = 7cm width.
Offer: Kitchen Chairs x2 (Edlesborough LU6) Gifted - Two light wood & white kitchen chairs. IKEA ones I think. Good condition.