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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Vanity light (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - Bathroom vanity light
Offer: Medicine cabinet vanity mirror (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) - Vanity medicine cabinet SEPfn
Offer: Towel bars (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - 1 brand new 1 previously used
Offer: Medicine cabinet vanity mirror (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) - Vanity medicine cabinet
Offer: White hanging Lightfixture (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - Large light fixture. White, but the photo had a very dim light inside it
Offer: Hanging light fixture (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - 2 bulbs on a ceiling mounted fixture.we were having flickering on one light. We don't know if it was the fixture or the bulb, but were replacing it anyways
Offer: Solar lamp post (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - Solar powered lamp post
Offer: Light fixture (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - Large light fixture
Offer: TV mount (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - This was a component of an entertainment unit. It screwed into the unit at the bottom and the tv would hang on this. The rest of the unit is not included. And this would need to be attached to something in order to work.
Offer: Ankle weights (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - I don't know their weight
Offer: LGmicrowave/exhaust fan combo (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - Stainless steel 30" wide standard exhaust fan width
Offer: Oster 4 slice toaster (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - Oster 4 slice toaster
Offer: Barn door (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - Barn door kit
Offer: Barn door kit (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - Includes door slab, rails and hardware to install it.
Offer: Empty BigYellowBag (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - Can be used to fill with yard or construction debris, then have it picked up.
Offer: 6 glass storage containers (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - Ikea glass storage containers 2 sizes.
Offer: Selection of moving boxes (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - Various sizes. I can collapse them for pickup Includes UHaul flatscreen tv moving boxes (the foam corners may be missing)
Offer: BMW travel and comfort system (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - Sealed in box Universal hook and base carrier
Offer: Fitbit scale (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - Fitbit connected weigh scale
Offer: Kitchen cabinet door mounted storag (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - Used to store foil and wrap etc
Offer: Door mounted shoe rack (Sheridanhomelands, Mississauga) Gifted - Mounts on a door to hold shoes
Offer: Two bathroom vanities (Sheridan Homelands, Mississaug) Gifted - Made of wood, with sink.Drain assembly still attached.
Offer: BMW tow hook GoPro mount (Meadowvale,Mississauga) Gifted - Official BMW GoPro mount.Screws into the front or rear tow hook port
Offer: Wine set box (Meadowvale,Mississauga) Gifted - Cherry wine bottle holder and tool set. Says blackberry on the top.
Offer: Cigar Humidor (Meadowvale,Mississauga) Gifted - Cherry exterior Cedar interior
Offer: Oculus Rift DK2 VR headset (Meadowvale,Mississauga) Gifted - Oculus Rift DK (Development kit) 2 Note:.This is development kit hardware and not the commercially available headsets.It may or may not work with some VR titles.
Offer: Floor Boar laminate floor cutter (Meadowvale,Mississauga) Gifted - Used hand crank ratcheting laminate floor cutter