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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Adult bike (Wollaston NN29) Gifted - Aquired a bike that I’m hoping may be of use to someone. It will need some maintenance and a good clean. Believe new brake pads and chain but I’m no expert. Collection Wollaston
Photo of free Adult bike (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Small child’s bike (Wollaston NN29) Gifted - Little bike with stabilisers - brakes/tyres seem ok but probably needs a check over, will need a clean as it has been left outside for a while. Collection Wollaston
Photo of free Small child’s bike (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: White tiles (Wollaston NN29) - These are really lovely tiles, there is a mix of some new ones and some used ones. They will clean up really easily if soaked. Seems such a shame to throw them away.
Photo of free White tiles (Wollaston NN29)
Photo of free White tiles (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Boarding & pallet (Wollaston NN29) Withdrawn - Two large sections of board. 1 pallet. Collection Wollaston.
Photo of free Boarding & pallet (Wollaston NN29)
Photo of free Boarding & pallet (Wollaston NN29)
Photo of free Boarding & pallet (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Curtain track (Wollaston NN29) Gifted - White curtain track 2m collection Wollaston
Photo of free Curtain track (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Galvanised clout nails (Wollaston NN29) Gifted - Unopened pack see photo for size
Photo of free Galvanised clout nails (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Ikea double butler sink, white tiles and handles (Wollaston NN29) Gifted - Used double butler sink from ikea, picture not actual sink as it’s currently upside down on my drive, but is the same style. Number of white square tiles, some new and some that have been used but easily cleaned up for reuse and some kitchen handles. I’d really like it all to go together. Offer: Small white table (Wollaston NN29) Gifted - Small table, needs a clean as it’s been in my shed, couple of marks on it. Will need some bolts as I’ve misplaced them. Collection Wollaston.
Photo of free Small white table (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Builders Sand (Wollaston NN29) Withdrawn - No longer needed, big bag of sand.
Photo of free Builders Sand (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Grey kitchen worktop (Wollaston NN29) Withdrawn - As above Offer: Old perfumes bottles (Wollaston NN29) - Has anybody got a use for these?
Photo of free Old perfumes bottles (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Picnic ware (Wollaston NN29) Withdrawn - Cups, glasses, wine flutes, cutlery etc
Photo of free Picnic ware (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Glass Bottles (Wollaston NN29) Withdrawn - Would anybody find a use for these? Offer: Intergrated dishwasher & fridge (Wollaston NN29) Withdrawn - Intergrated dishwasher and fridge on offer due to kitchen refurbish. Will be available Monday. Offer: Freestanding kitchen island (Wollaston NN29) Gifted - Needs collecting ASAP. Solid oak top. Needs sanding. Showing signs of wear on draw fronts. Be perfect for a garage.
Photo of free Freestanding kitchen island (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Curtain pole (Wollaston NN29) Withdrawn - Extendable approx 145-175cm
Photo of free Curtain pole (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Lampshade (Wollaston NN29) Withdrawn - Fairly large lampshade light beige
Photo of free Lampshade (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Flower arranging items (Wollaston NN29) Gifted - Hi would anyone like these flower arranging items??
Photo of free Flower arranging items (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Wellies (Wollaston NN29) Gifted - Size 7 good condition
Photo of free Wellies (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Cables/chargers (Wollaston NN29) Gifted - Selection of computer cables, scart lead, phone chargers Offer: Ironing board (Wollaston NN29) Gifted - Wooden ironing board. Needs cover - extra extra large.
Photo of free Ironing board (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Range oven (Wollaston NN29) Gifted - Chrome 1000 range cooker. Approx 18 years old. Large and small electric ovens. 5 gas rings. Seals around doors have gone and glass insert from inside small oven no longer in door. In working order, small oven is loosing heat though. Disconnected and ready to collect. Would do someone a good turn or could be broken up for spares.
Photo of free Range oven (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Padded Envelopes (Wollaston NN29) Gifted - Padded envelopes/postage bags available
Photo of free Padded Envelopes (Wollaston NN29)
Offer: Coolbox (Wollaston NN29) Gifted - Blue picnic cool box Essex County Council have made a lovely little video about Freegle. Do you know someone in our own local council? Please send it to them!