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Request: Really big indoor plant pot (Huyton L36) - I have just planted several Coleus cuttings into a 12-inch plastic pot, then I discovered that the indoor pot I was going to put it in is just too small for it to go in. Right now it's in a bin bag so if someone has a big old pot they want rid of I'll be happy to take it and I really don't care what it looks like. Thank you and stay safe.
Offer: Bay Leaf Herb Plant Cuttings (Huyton L36) Gifted - About 4 bin bags full taken. Still lots available. Lots and lots of cuttings from a massive tree. Enough to make hundreds of plants from cuttings if they're planted soon. We will start making the cuttings on Friday. Collection at weekends and evenings only and please bring a full size black bin bag.
Offer: Bay Leaf Herb Plant Cuttings (Huyton L36) - Lots and lots of cuttings from a massive tree. Enough to make dozens of plants from cuttings if they're planted quickly. Let me know how much you want and when you can collect it. Up to 6 bin bags full available.
Request: Clear Plastic for Vegetable Garden Cover (Huyton L36) Received - We need some clear plastic sheets or bags. Hard plastic like perspex would also be great. If you have recently purchased something like a mattress, the plastic bag it came in would be perfect. It doesn't need to be completely transparent, but as it's for a cover for a small vegetable garden like the one in the photo, it needs to allow light through. I can pick up any time that's good for you. Many thanks!
Request: Wood (Huyton L36) Received - We need some bits of wood to build a frame to cover for our veg garden which is like the one in the photo. I think we need about 8 meters worth. Hoping someone has some they want getting shut of. Thanks.
Offer: Lots of Rosemary Cuttings and Branches (Huyton L36) Gifted - Lots of freshly cut rosemary branches taken from an enormous healthy plant. Smells amazing. Enough to fill a small car boot. This much could be used to make dozens of smaller plants like the ones sold at supermarkets. Collection only.
Offer: 5-speaker surround sound amplifier with built in sub (Huyton L36) Withdrawn - Perfect for a computer. Not fully tested, but powers on and sub works. No remote, speakers or other cables. Must be collected any evening after 6pm.
Request: Large plant pots (Huyton L36) Received - We need some large plastic plant pots of at least 1 litre in size, but the bigger the better. I imagine someone has some somewhere. Please get in touch. Thanks.
Request: Computer power cable extension (kettle lead - female/male) (Huyton L36) Withdrawn - Back in the day a monitor power cable use to connect directly to a computer instead of a power socket. I need one of these cables to extend a power cable to a screen I want to put on a wall as my current cable is just a bit too short. I'm hoping someone still has one or more of these sitting in a box somewhere.
Offer: TV Stand (Huyton L36) Gifted - Needs to be collected this week.
Offer: Black Glass TV Corner Unit (Huyton L36) Withdrawn - Good for TV's or music systems. Black glass shelves with silver posts. Size in CM is W-80 D-40 H-50. A bit dusty.
Request: Books about space or astronomy (Huyton L36) Withdrawn - If anyone has any old books about space or astronomy they no longer want. Offer: Desktop PC - no HDD (Huyton L36) Gifted - Untested. Includes black desktop case, DVD burner CPU, PSU and 1GB RAM. No hard disk. No cables. No monitor. No keyboard or mouse. Request: Computer DVI-D cable or DVI-VGA adapter (Huyton L36) Withdrawn - If anyone has a box of old computer bits lying around I am hoping they also have a DVI cable or a DVI-VGA adapter they don't need anymore. I recently got a used PC off ebay which only has DVI. Hope someone can help. Thanks! Request: Super Nintendo SNES parts (Huyton L36) Withdrawn - This evening I found my old SNES from when I was a kid. I don't know if it still works as it has no power supply, TV cable or gamepad. So if you have any of these parts you don't want that would be great, but it would also be good just to be able to test it if you would allow it. Thanks.
Request: Dell Monitor 19.5V Power Supply (Huyton L36) Withdrawn - The power supply for my computer monitor has died and I'm desperate for a replacement. It's not a normal kettle plug like most monitors have, it's more like a connector for a laptop power supply. Hope someone can help.
Offer: 3 seater sofa in good condition (Huyton L36) - 3 seater sofa in good condition. Soft and comfortable. Hardly used. Some marks here and there as expected for it's age. Obviously needs two people to collect.
Request: Old telescopic shower curtain rails (Huyton L36) Withdrawn - needed for a diy project Offer: Magizine / newspaper rack. (Huyton L36) Gifted - Collection only.
Offer: Bathroom-type cabinet unit (Huyton L36) Gifted - Adjustable shelves. White. Good condition. No damage. Would look like new after a clean. 28cm w x 24 d x 110 h
Offer: Unused "Earth from Space" Educational Poster (Huyton L36) Withdrawn - Double-sided. New condition. By the Open University/BBC. It's big, 84cm wide.
Offer: Wooden chair for refurn/upcycle (Huyton L36) - Light wooden chair needs a clean.
Offer: Radio CD player cassette (Huyton L36) Gifted - I tested the radio and it works. Haven't tested the CD or tape player. CD opens fine. No power cable but it needs the standard figure-8 cable most people have already.
Offer: White coffee table with storage (Huyton L36) Gifted - Has one loose leg and it should be an easy fix but I can't be bothered to be honest. Needs a a bit of a clean. Has a door on both sides with two shelves inside.
Offer: Cambrige Audio Surround Sound Speakers with Sub Whoofer (Huyton L36) Gifted - Condition is used and dusty. Includes wired volume control remote and power supply. Request: Chicken Wire - about 100cm x 50cm or bigger (Huyton L36) Received - Hoping one of you wonderful people have some chicken wire or something similar to spare. Only a small piece of 1.0 x 0.5 m is needed for a silly invention idea I had. I thought I already had some but can't find any. Thanks! Request: Speaker wires or power cables (Huyton L36) Received - Hello wonderful people. I am in need of some power cabled or speaker wires. I hope you can help.