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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Computer Desk - Needs assembly (Sunnyvale, CA) - Computer desk with extended sides (optional). Extended sides are not shown in the picture as it needs assembly. It is in good condition.
Offer: Couch loveseat - floral print (Sunnyvale, CA) - Love seat - it is covered. It is in ok condition with floral print.
Offer: Wooden Cabinet - four Drawers (Sunnyvale, CA) Gifted - Wooden Cabinet - four Drawers
Offer: Hanging Mosaic Lamp (Sunnyvale, CA) Gifted - Hanging Mosaic Lamp
Offer: Hanging Lamp Shade (Sunnyvale, CA) - Hanging Lamp Shade
Offer: Wooden Cabinets (Sunnyvale, CA) - Stereo Cabinet, Wooden Cabinets
Offer: Wooden Cabinet & Black Metal shelf (Sunnyvale, CA) Gifted - wooden cabinet with two drawers Black metal shelf
Offer: Mattress (Sunnyvale, CA) Gifted - Mattress
Offer: Glass Dining Table with 4 chairs (Sunnyvale, CA) Gifted - Glass dining table with 4 Chairs. It is a rectangle table.
Offer: French provincial - cabinet drawer (Sunnyvale, CA) Gifted - French provincial - cabinet with two drawers
Offer: Cabinet / Shelf (Sunnyvale, CA) Withdrawn - Cabinet shelf - openable on both sides with racks and a middle shelf
Offer: Whirlpool Dishwasher (Sunnyvale, CA) Gifted - WhirlPool Dishwasher
Offer: Stereo Cabinet (Sunnyvale, CA) Gifted - Stereo Cabinet
Offer: Refrigerator (Sunnyvale, CA) Withdrawn - Refrigerator
Offer: Mattress Box (Sunnyvale, CA) Gifted - Mattress Box
Offer: Table Lamp (Sunnyvale, CA) Gifted - Table Lamp
Offer: electirc Gas Cook top - 4 stoves (Sunnyvale, CA) - Electric Gas Cook top - 4 stoves Offer: Center or End Table Wooden (Sunnyvale, CA) Withdrawn - Center or End table.
Offer: Office Chair- Swirl (Sunnyvale, CA) Gifted - Office Chair Swirl Free
Offer: Two Wooden Drawer cabinets (Sunnyvale, CA) Withdrawn - Two wooden Drawer cabinets available for Free. You can take one or both.
Offer: Two Book Shelf's - 6 shelves (Sunnyvale, CA) Withdrawn - Two Book shelf's Each has 6 shelves. Free
Offer: Two Book Shelf's - 6 Shelves Gifted - Two Book Shelf's available - Each one has 6 shelves. Bookshelves Offer: Wooden Cabinet with Drawers - Wooden Cabinet with Drawers Available in Sunnyvale Drawer-Cabinet-Wooden Offer: Glass dining table with chairs, sofa, end tables, Book shelf (large + medium) - Hi, Glass dining table with chairs, sofa, end tables, Bookshelf (large + medium) available for free in Sunnyvale.