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Offer: aluminium bunk bed (WA3 oakwood) Gifted - 3ft Offer: Boys clothes age 5/6 (WA3 oakwood) Gifted - I still have some clothes shoes and coat back pack and school pants free if anyone needs ??? Request: Storage boxes for clothes (WA3 oakwood) - Hello I'm moving soon and am in desperate need of storage. And I will need wardrobes as we have nothing as yet . Request: Paint sprayer (WA3 oakwood) - To assist with trying to start a business Offer: Boys clothes 5/6 (WA3 oakwood) Gifted - Lots from shorts to tracksuits to coats having a clear out I've also size 8 ladies to put on soon Decent makes ex condition Request: Boys clothes 13 + (WA3 oakwood) - Age 13 , pyjamas tracksuits coats anything , I'm at the minute struggling losing job through covid but want my boy to still Look smart please help Request: Boys toys (WA3 oakwood) Received - Anything colouring to crafts to cars Request: Boys toys (WA3 oakwood) Received - A few items , moving out my refuge flat into some where bigger Need toys clothes my boys age 6 and 12 Ruggs Chair throws Storage Any old unwanted cosmetics or smellies , costume Jewelry I give these to the local food back and young teenagers . Boys bike age 7 helmet And anyone having makeovers and thinking of getting rid of anything x Lever arch files Offer: Dryer (WA3 oakwood) Gifted - I have a dryer that does not work and if anyone want some it as parts or project I also have small fridge freezer does work And a washer that just needs a seal Request: garden furniture ornaments (WA3 oakwood) Withdrawn - hello is anyone having a revamp of their garden furniture baskests plants ornaments if so may i be cheeky and offload them please Request: Microwave (WA3 oakwood) Expired - Any will do Offer: Women's clothes size 8 (WA3 oakwood) Gifted - Does anyone want any clothes size 8 all good makes and smart If no one does I will just get BHF pick them up . I've put weight on just losing it due to medication and won't be a size 8 10 anytime soon . If anyone contacts me there is about 3 bin bags which will have tops jeans bikinis in each one so I can give to three different people Offer: Sand / water pit (WA3 oakwood) Gifted - Ideal age up to four I got it for my son two weeks ago but he's much too old for it . I'mjust going to get it together so who would like it can have it . Request: Boys clothes (WA3 oakwood) Received - Boys age 7 and thirteen anything I would be grateful for as they are growing. Lovely ladies have helped me on here and really made life easier . I am just sorting through some clothes and garden toys that mine have grown out of Request: Garden stones ornaments anything (WA3 oakwood) Expired - Just trying to make a little yard look nice x Offer: Food tins (WA3 oakwood) Expired - If anyone in need have loads of tinned food Request: Wood or bark (WA3 oakwood) Expired - Just to cover a patch in garden Request: Garden furniture (WA3 oakwood) Expired - Any garden furniture ornaments that are not needed Request: Laptop (WA3 oakwood) Expired - Any old laptop help son hone work Request: Swop ps4 for x box control head pho (WA3 oakwood) Expired - Just a Swop Request: Clothes rail and hangers (WA3 oakwood) Expired - Starting out divorce has anyone got a clothes rail they do not use ? Please Offer: Tumble dryer (WA3 oakwood) Expired - It's not working but could be refurb end used as a project ??? It apparently does not need major parts .i don't use it as I've no room Offer: Two Hoovers (WA3 oakwood) Gifted - The dyson upright no longer works but would do if someone refurbish it. There's another.One brand new but it isn't working as it should . These could be fixed and sold on Request: Mobile phone (WA3 oakwood) Expired - Has anyone got an old phone they don't use? My son gave mine a bath anything will do I'm trying to apply for jobs and get my life back after divorce I've had lots of help on here by lovely people but am dewperat Request: Storage boxes or toy today (WA3 oakwood) Expired - Hi just moved to emergency housing anything will help . Just to keep small space tidy Request: Storage boxes or toy today (WA3 oakwood) Expired - Hi just movedto emergencyhousibg anything will help . Just to keep smallspace tidy Request: Children's art supplies (WA3 oakwood) Expired - Hi I've little boy with XYY I am just wondering if anyone has any art sets crayons paints ect . He has really shown a brand new interest in this and helps him express himself Request: Matching pair lightshades (WA3 oakwood) Expired - Any Request: TV cabinet (WA3 oakwood) Expired - Anything Request: Fridge freezer (WA3 oakwood) Expired - Any one looking at giving away a fridge freezer ?? Mines a small midi and once if lucky to get a taller one Iwill give my small one away