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Request: Hessian sacks (Henbury BS10) Withdrawn - Hessian sacks - wanted for storing garden plants (dahlia tubers) overwinter. Used is fine! Hessian fabric would, also, be OK....then can make sacks! No rush, but before the first frosts would be ideal! Offer: Standard King size Mattress/Topper - used, IKEA 'Tustna' (Henbury BS10) Gifted - Used as mattress topper for about 4 years. Staining from tea/water spillage (honest). 200 x 150 x 7 cm (Standard King size) Brentry/Henbury - collect evenings or Wednesday or weekend.
Photo of free Standard King size Mattress/Topper - used, IKEA 'Tustna' (Henbury BS10)
Offer: Foot pump - double cylinder (Henbury BS10) Gifted - Halfords brand, 2 cylinders, so quicker, plus pressure gauge. A few years old, but working well. Can collect evenings or Wednesday/weekend. Henbury/Brentry
Photo of free Foot pump - double cylinder (Henbury BS10)
Request: Wool insulation (Henbury BS10) Withdrawn - Wool insulation, as used by some food delivery companies. Prefer large quantities, if possible, but any amount if near BS10 area. This is an ongoing post, now.....can be saved for weeks/months and let me know when can collect? I can withdraw the post if I ever get too much! (To create hot composters, etc.).
Photo of Wool insulation (Henbury BS10)
Request: Compost bin or similar (Henbury BS10) Expired - Small compost bin or similar bin, with lid, for community garden. Bin needs to have lid, have an open bottom (or be able to cut out a hole). Can collect anywhere in Bristol area. Offer: Fire Guard, black (metal) (Henbury BS10) Gifted - Simple hinged fire guard, black-finished metal (assume steel). Some marks/wear. H 510mm x W 410mm x D 200mm (20" x 16" x 8") Will come apart at hinges. Collection evenings before 2100h or Wednesday/weekend by arrangement.
Photo of free Fire Guard, black (metal) (Henbury BS10)
Photo of free Fire Guard, black (metal) (Henbury BS10)
Offer: Green plastic tree protectors (Henbury BS10) Gifted - Hundreds of green plastic tree protectors. Just in case somebody can think of a use......? Have tried eBay and giving to Forest of Avon...... last chance before landfill! They open out into a square section tube, partly mesh.
Photo of free Green plastic tree protectors (Henbury BS10)
Photo of free Green plastic tree protectors (Henbury BS10)
Offer: Binoculars, old 10 x 50 (Henbury BS10) Gifted - These were my dad’s binoculars, so possibly 40-50 years old. Charles Frank make, Frank-Nipole Coated optics, 10 x 50 magnification, 5 degree field of view. The right eye-piece wobbles about a lot, making them tricky to use. Hence need some TLC. The lens covers have got lost..... if there were any, but there is a battered case! Collect from Henbury (Crow Lane) or I could deliver in the BS10 area, or nearby. Frank
Photo of free Binoculars, old 10 x 50 (Henbury BS10)
Offer: Pair of Speakers (old) (Henbury BS10) Expired - Pair of old speakers left on the 'please take it' table in the lobby of our block of flats. Nobody has taken them in about 4 days, so I assume they're not wanted. I will probably retrieve them and keep for a few days, then take to the new council Re-Use shop at Lawrence Weston/Avonmouth. Request: Old Woollens, e.g. jumpers (Henbury BS10) Received - Any old, unused woollens out there? Always in need! Jumpers, cardigans, blankets, socks, felt, wool packaging, etc? Must be pure wool, no man-made mixes. Wanted for gardening (helps retain moisture). Can collect in Henbury, Southmead, Westbury areas. Request: Leather for making things.... (Henbury BS10) Expired - Anybody got any thick leather out there? This is to make tool covers/scabbards (see example of axe cover). Needs to be at least as thick as [old?] shoe/boot leather...ideally 2-3mm.
Photo of Leather for making things.... (Henbury BS10)