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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Two upholstered chairs (Irvington NY) Gifted - Two Blue upholstered chairs. Comfortable and wide BUT low to the ground. There is some wear on the material (mostly because it’s low to the ground). Offer: Self standing exercise bag. (Irvington NY) Expired - Full size exercise bag with speed bag. Both bags are adjustable. The wide base (not for apartments) is rusty. We used it in our basement.
Photo of free Self standing exercise bag. (Irvington NY)
Offer: Trapezoid dresser (Irvington NY) Gifted - This quirky piece has a green distressed finish, 8 drawers and is approximately 4 feet high. The drawers are less than 3 inches deep so not idea for clothes. One drawer is damaged. It’s a fun fixer upper.
Photo of free Trapezoid dresser (Irvington NY)
Offer: Rolling cow hassock (Irvington NY) Gifted - I got this from at nice yard sale. It’s a 3 ft in diameter low chair (a solid bean bag?). Unique cow material. It’s a good brand and good quality. it just didn’t fit where I wanted to use it.
Photo of free Rolling cow hassock (Irvington NY)
Offer: Punching bag (Irvington NY) Expired - Self-supporting weight bag. It’s hanging out in the basement doing wipe it down periodically. The paint on the metal base is rusting. It also has the arm punching bag. Used it for TaeBo exercise and teen-age boy aggression.
Photo of free Punching bag (Irvington NY)
Offer: Two upholstered chairs (Irvington NY) Gifted - Two upholstered chairs. Comfortable and wide. Some wear on material but still useable. Very low to the ground so some people might want to prop it up on wood blocks.
Photo of free Two upholstered chairs (Irvington NY)
Offer: Folding fuzzy chair (Irvington NY) Gifted - Two seater folding chair used by college student. Bed, bath and beyond product ~2014. Still have the plastic bag/tote to protect it for transport.
Photo of free Folding fuzzy chair (Irvington NY)
Offer: Upside down dresser. (Irvington NY) Gifted - 8 drawers about 2.5 inches deep. Distressed finish. Unique artsy design.
Photo of free Upside down dresser. (Irvington NY)
Offer: ikea chair and foot rest (Irvington NY) Gifted - Dark brown seat, oak like wood. Good condition.
Photo of free ikea chair and foot rest (Irvington NY)