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Offer: Treadmill (Arlington near EFC metro) Gifted - Hi everyone. We have a great treadmill to give away. It would be a good, satisfying project during these times of staying at home. It needs a small amount of tinkering, but I’m sure someone who’s handy can get it up and running. There seems to be a loose connection. Fix the loose connection, and then have someplace to exercise indoors when the weather is bad! We’re generally around so just let us know if u want it and when you’d like to come by. Have a great day! Nancy
Offer: Clear Glass Vase (Arlington near EFC metro) - Basic glass vase for flowers or other decorations (colorful stones, beach glass, etc) Offer: 7-8" Strainer (Arlington near EFC metro) - To strain liquids from solids like pasta, canned veggies, etc. Offer: Baking? How about free pie tins (Arlington near EFC metro) Gifted - These are aluminum foil pie pans that you can form and bake pies in. We can do contactless pickup from our front porch. Offer: Cookbooks (Arlington near EFC metro) - Like most of you, I have been clearing out things in my home. Yesterday I went through my huge volume of cookbooks. I realized that I haven't made anything from many of these in years, and, except for my go-to recipes, I normally find recipes on the internet for what I'd like to make. Since everyone seems to be cooking a lot more at home these days, I figured that folks would be interested in some new cookbooks to leaf thru and find exciting new recipes to try. So, my loss is your gain. I'm dividing the cookbooks into 3 stacks of about 10-12 cookbooks. Some that you receive will be general cookbooks with all kinds of recipes, and some will be more specific: pastas, vegetarian or a specific ethnicity. Keep the ones you want, and give away the ones you don't. I'll mark them for each of the three "winners" ;-). We are located between Sycamore and Harrison Streets off John Marshall Drive. We're happy to do contactless pickup from our front porch. Nancy Offer: Treadmill (Arlington near EFC metro) Gifted - This is a treadmill that appears to be in good condition. We received it from a friend. However, we are not very handy and have not been able to get it working. Since most folks have time on their hands, I bet you could get it working if you're handy - it would be a good project to alleviate at least a little of the boredom :-)