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Offer: Toshiba DVD video player (Thornton Heath) - Fully working but i dont know how to make the sound working
Request: Double pushchair/buggy (Thornton Heath) - Does anyone have a double pushchair? I just gave birth and i found it really difficult to buy one at this time. I would really appreciate any help. God bless! Thank you! Request: Baby monitor (Thornton Heath) - Hello. I am giving birth on Tuesday to my 2nd child. I would really need a baby monitor with camera if anyone wants to help 🙈 i would really appreciate it. I can not afford at this time one... God bless. Thankyou! Offer: Baby clothes (Thornton Heath) - I have some 0-6 months girls clothes for Șpring season Its oerfect for any pregnant lady who will give birth in may 🤷🏻‍♀️ Request: Single bed (Thornton Heath) - Hi. Does anyone have a single bed please? I need it really urgent :( Thanks a lot! Regards Request: Baby monitor (Thornton Heath) - Hello. Does anyone has a baby monitor? I am giving birth next week and it would be really helpful for me 🙈. Thanks a lot. Regards! Request: Spare fabric (Thornton Heath) - Does anyone has any spare Fabric? I need to make a cover for tei chairs and I’m really struggling to find a nice cover. Thank you Offer: Boxes (Thornton Heath) Gifted - Hi. I have 8 boxes to giveaway if anyone needs. I need them to go ASAP
Request: Rug/carpet/runner (Thornton Heath) - Hello, Does anyone has a rug? I would really love one for my house. Thank you Offer: Potty (Thornton Heath) - I have 2 potties to give away. One is basic blue and the other one is withThomis and friends. Can send pics if Wanted. Request: Sofa bed/single bed (Thornton Heath) - Hi.Does anyone has a good sofa bed or a single bed? My mother will visit usand I would like to have a bed for her to sleep. I live in SE25. Thanks a lot. Cheers Request: Cream armchair (Thornton Heath) - Does anyone have a cream armchair and could help us to deliver to se25, if my husband comes to put it in the car? We can pay for delivery 10-15£. Please we really need one to match our sofa. Thanks a lot. Regards!