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Request: Push bike (CT14) Expired - Mine got stolen , am using one that is very wide, and hard to repair I got as a spare , would love to get a more suitable one, if anyone has one they no longer use and do not want anymore in safe working order be thankful, Request: Cycling wear (CT14) Expired - Any tops especially full sleeved for winter, size 16 in top half 14 may fit. Suitable cycle bottoms that cannot get caught in my chain, as they come in at ankles like leggings but waterproof. My cycle coat zip's damaged so could use one of those as well. If have any of the above you think may be suitable please let me know. If you are no more than 8 miles away I could cycle pick up on a weekend probably, if you can save till I can get to you, thanks. I would be most thankful if have any to give. Request: clothes (CT14) Expired - I am hoping to get some jumpers that come up to the neck that are warm and look nice in good condition please I am size 16. I cannot wear real wool, many thanks if you can help. Also any smart fashionable winter clothes I am size 14 short lady in trousers usually, but size 16 on top half. I really need smart wear as hoping to get a job. Request: Guitar (CT14) Expired - I would like to learn to play the guitar but I do not even have one lol. If anyone has one they no longer use and just no longer want, please contact me, many thanks Request: MP3 player (CT14) Expired - Hoping to get a Mp3 player from someone who has one in good working order that they no longer use, please. Request: Worship CD's (CT14) Expired - I love the lively worship on TBN channel. if anyone has any cds of worship like this, they no longer want I would be very happy. I love hill song Elevation church on TBN. it would be nice to have some worship CDs so as I can have worship I like at any time. I know this is a chance in a million but worth a try, lol