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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Metal shelves (Winchester) Expired - Blue. Sliding door covers each shelf so it makes everything look nice and neat.
Photo of free Metal shelves (Winchester)
Offer: Entertainment Center (Winchester) Expired - Solid wood
Photo of free Entertainment Center (Winchester)
Offer: Metal shelves (Winchester) Expired
Photo of free Metal shelves (Winchester)
Offer: Corner shelf (Winchester) Expired - Solid Wood. Has one shelf (not shown).
Photo of free Corner shelf (Winchester)
Offer: Victorian Style couch (Winchester) Expired
Photo of free Victorian Style couch (Winchester)
Offer: Lawyers Desk (Winchester) Expired - Genuine lawyers desk. Some handles are missing.
Photo of free Lawyers Desk (Winchester)
Offer: LaZy Boy Recliner (Winchester) Gifted - Good condition- hunter green
Photo of free LaZy Boy Recliner (Winchester)
Offer: Small trampoline (Winchester) Expired
Photo of free Small trampoline (Winchester)
Offer: Gymnastic balance beam (Winchester) Expired - Covered in vinyl
Photo of free Gymnastic balance beam (Winchester)
Offer: Balance beam (Winchester) Expired - Carpeted
Photo of free Balance beam (Winchester)
Offer: Snowblower (Winchester) Expired - Used only two times. Runs on gas or electric.
Photo of free Snowblower (Winchester)
Offer: Firepit (Winchester) Expired - Black dome firepit- some rust - never used.
Photo of free Firepit (Winchester)
Offer: Bicycle (Winchester) Expired - Purple girls bike - rarely used
Photo of free Bicycle (Winchester)
Offer: Mongoose Bicycle (Winchester) Expired
Photo of free Mongoose Bicycle (Winchester)
Offer: Large entertainment center (Winchester) Expired - Dark wood. Has doors that close over the TV. One pane of glass is missing.
Photo of free Large entertainment center (Winchester)
Offer: Entertainment Center (Winchester) Expired - Old style
Photo of free Entertainment Center (Winchester)
Offer: Lazy-Boy chair (Winchester) Expired - Hunter Green
Photo of free Lazy-Boy chair (Winchester)
Offer: Yamaha keyboard (Winchester) Expired - Black-need adapter. Also runs on batteries.
Photo of free Yamaha keyboard (Winchester)
Offer: Lazy Boy style recliner (Winchester) Expired - Dusty Rose- slight wear
Photo of free Lazy Boy style recliner (Winchester)
Offer: Four drawer filing cabinet (Winchester) Expired - Black. No key
Photo of free Four drawer filing cabinet (Winchester)
Offer: Downton Abby DVD collection (Winchester) Expired - Complete edition. Free. ($119 value)
Photo of free Downton Abby DVD collection (Winchester)
Offer: Carol Burnett Shows (Winchester) Expired - Complete edition. Free. ($250 value)
Photo of free Carol Burnett Shows (Winchester)
Offer: Chrome chairs (Winchester) Expired - Set of 5. Quality cloth blue seats.
Photo of free Chrome chairs (Winchester)
Offer: Solid wood corner shelf (Winchester) Expired - Oak or pine. One adjustable shelf
Photo of free Solid wood corner shelf (Winchester)