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Request: Double bedding (Acocks Green B27) - Hi I just moved house and I’m in need of double bedding I got a duvet and pillows I just haven’t got no duvet sheets or pillow cases if anyone can help me please around B27 as hard for me to travel as single mum to 2 babies Request: Curtain pole and curtains (Moseley B13) Withdrawn - Me and my babies just moved into our own place last week the house is freezing due to no gas till Friday but is anyone gifting any curtain poles and thick curtains close as possible to Acocks green as don’t get paid till 2 weeks Request: Electric heater (Acocks Green B27) Withdrawn - Is anyone giving away any electric heaters in Acocks green just moved into our own flat just me and the kids and there’s no heating at all and council says got to wait until Monday when I got a 19month and a 3 year old with a chest infection and a cold , if anyone could help I need close to Acocks green as I haven’t got no money for bus fare Request: 2 sofas (Wake Green B13) Withdrawn - Hi will anyone be able to help me and my children with 2 sofas a dark colour as I got a baby and toddler who are very messy and likes messing everything up and maybe if can deliver and I can pay like the fuel or I can try arrange a van as I move in Thursday Request: Curtains and nets (Billesley B13) Withdrawn - Hello finally going to get my keys to move into my house next week but would anyone be able to help me with curtains and netting , bed sheets and covers for a double bed and 2 toddler beds thank you me and my babies will be very happy with any help thank you and anywhere around kings heath or near as I don’t drive Request: TV (Moseley B13) Withdrawn - Has anyone got a working tv as my daughter has broken our tv I can collect anywhere close to king heath thank you in advance Request: Bedding (Moseley B13) Withdrawn - Hi me and my children should hopefully move into our new place next week but I have got duvets and pillows but I’ve got no duvet covers for single and double and pillow cases and the bed sheets what goes on the mattress if anyone could help us please I can collect from moseley and kings heath thank you Request: Suitcase (Moseley B13) Withdrawn - Me and my children are moving next month in to our own place but I haven’t got nothing to pack as I used black bags to bring everything and they keep busting so has anyone got any suitcases what will be helpful for me and my children around moseley / kings heath Offer: In need (Moseley B13) Withdrawn - I’m new to Birmingham just moved here with my children , we are in need of bedding , cookware , towels , I can collect as well thank you
Photo of free In need (Moseley B13)
Request: Bedding , cookware etc (Kings Heath B14) Withdrawn - Me and my children just moved to Birmingham from London due to fleeing domestic abuse so we lost all our belonging back in London , but it’s so hard I am looking for single bedding , cot bedding , adult and children clothes , and any other donations if possible for the other ladies and children as we live in a domestic abuse refuge and they are struggling with donations of bedding and and cookware can easily collect if not far as the refuge staff drives