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Request: Black masonry paint / metal paint (CW2) - Hello I’m in need of a small amount of black masonry paint perhaps even as little as 2.5 litres if anyone has any just sitting about and black metal paint thankyou in advance Request: Ercol easy chair (CW2) - If any one has an ercol easy chair condition unimportant can collect locally similar to picture above I’d be very grateful
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Request: Flag stones (CW2) - I’m looking for a few flag stones in which to put my little greenhouse on many thanks to you all Request: White emulsion (CW2) - Due to a Claire style epic painting disaster I’m in urgent need of white emulsion if anyone has any lurking in the garage or shed I wouid be truly grateful I thought I’d be slightly advertorous with a block colour perhaps I should have stuck to my trusted every shade of magnolia ! Thankyou to you all Offer: Black glass tv stand (CW2) Gifted - Black glass tv stand to a good home Request: Shower chair / wingback chair (CW2) - Looking for these two items if anyone has either just sat about this wouid be a great help many Thanks Claire
Request: Small bookcase& pestle mortar (CW2) - Looking for a small bookcase for a child’s room preferably wood and not mdf so I can paint also a pestle and mortar thankyou for reading Request: Wood for a log burner (CW2) - Wood for a log burner cannot have paint on them happy to collect locally Request: Fire wood (CW2) - Fire wood required if anyone has any manageable pieces that would fit into a car thanks all for reading can collect locally Offer: Double bed frame (CW2) Gifted - Double bed frame silver metal dismantled all fittings ready must go tonight ! Leave mobile number for contact and must be able to collect ASAP or will go for scrap man bed is only a war old Offer: 6 leather chairs (CW2) Gifted - 6 leather brown chairs sadly they’ve been scratched by the cat but only at the bottom three years old and sat on twice ! 😸 hoping somebody would make use of them collect ASAP from wistatson leave number and only contact if can collect today ASAP
Offer: 2 cream next ottomans (CW2) - Two ottomans cream suede effect from next collection today or tommorw morning at 11 Offer: 3 box’s of phycology books (CW2) - Three maybe 4 banana box’s full of phycology books and some sociology books hoping these will help a student or adult learner Offer: Razor electric scooter (CW2) Gifted - Razor electric scooter charger recently misplaced can be bought for as little as just over a fiver off eBay to collect ASAP wistatson
Offer: Patio heater gas bottle (CW2) Gifted - Patio heater regulator and full gas bottle must go ASAP call kk etion wistatson will dismantle
Request: Fire wood (CW2) - Hello if anyone has any firewood but not with any paint on it would be gratefully recived for a wood burner also a fire companion and fire guard many thanks to the group Offer: Ikea white wardrobe (CW2) Gifted - Ikea white wardrobe a couple of years old very good condition I will dismantle so will fit into a car with boot open and secured no time wasters please leave mobile contact number
Request: Hose pipe (CW2) - Hello all sadly my hose pipe has been stolen from the front of the house ! Very annoyed as I watched them drive off with it !! Any help before the water ban would be appreciated as my new turf will die thankyou all Request: Nursing chair (CW2) - Looking for a nursing chair for my godson if anyone had one available Offer: Boys bmx (CW2) Gifted - Flat back trye and rusted chain collection this evening or will be put on the front for the scrap man leave numbers collection ASAP Offer: Girls bike (CW2) Gifted - Needs a bit of rust removing but collection tonight or will be on the front for the scrap man leave numbers
Offer: Electric scooter (CW2) Gifted - Needs a charger easily bought off eBay collection tonight or going out for the scrap man tonight leave numbers must go ASAP
Offer: fence paint has now gone (Cw2 8ds) - Fence paint has now been taken Offer: Forest oak fence paint full (Cw2 8ds) Gifted - Almost full tub fence paint dark brown collection ASAP Request: Banister for stairs (Cw2 8ds) - We are in need of a banister for the stairs we already have one but we need another to assist a person who’s just out of hospital with a broken ankle and leg and major surgery 15 pieces of metal securing ankle Request: Commode (Cw2 8ds) - We urgently require a commode if anyone can help over this bank holiday weekend we would be truly grateful Request: Power washer (Cw2 8ds) - A big ask I know but if anyone has a power washer they no longer need I’d be very pleased sadly mine after many years of service has died a death and I only need to do a small patio can collect locally thankyou all for reading Request: Terrine dish (Cw2 8ds) - Looking for a terrine dish if anyone has one lurking in the back of there cupboard I can collect locally kind regards
Offer: Double bed ???? and mattress (Cw2 8ds) Offer: Double bed 🛏 and mattress (Cw2 8ds)