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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Rubber mat (PL5) Withdrawn - Approximately 4m2. In fair condition. Black rubber mat only.
Photo of free Rubber mat (PL5)
Offer: Reclaimed tiles (PL5) Withdrawn - Mostly white, rectangular reclaimed tiles. A few are in pieces and there may be a couple of dark blue ones. Approximately 30 ish tiles.
Photo of free Reclaimed tiles (PL5)
Offer: Long white bucket (PL5) Withdrawn - White bucket with handle
Photo of free Long white bucket (PL5)
Offer: Camping toilet (PL5) Withdrawn - With bucket, toilet roll holder. Comfortable.
Photo of free Camping toilet (PL5)
Offer: Baking tin? (TN38) Withdrawn - Copper coloured tin for baking?
Photo of free Baking tin? (TN38)
Offer: Office drawers (TN38) Withdrawn - Set of 6 slim drawers. For paperwork/crafts
Photo of free Office drawers (TN38)
Offer: Slightly battered gold frame (TN38) Withdrawn - Coming apart at the corners. For art or crafts?
Photo of free Slightly battered gold frame (TN38)
Offer: Bag of corks (TN38) Gifted - Bag and corks for crafts
Photo of free Bag of corks (TN38)
Offer: Soft guitar case (TN38) Gifted - Standard size. Zip needs replacing.
Photo of free Soft guitar case (TN38)
Offer: Seagrass/wicker chest (TN38) Gifted - Small storage chest. Little worn.
Photo of free Seagrass/wicker chest (TN38)
Offer: Children's sink (TN38) Gifted - Sink with plug and overflow pipe
Photo of free Children's sink (TN38)
Request: Thermal blind material (TN38) Received - Looking for thermal materials to make blinds for my van roof. Need pieces of 2m long by 70cm wide at least, please. Fabric or silvery stuff. Thanks. Offer: Suitcase (TN38) Withdrawn - Medium size tan suitcase
Photo of free Suitcase (TN38)
Offer: Large corkboard (TN38) Withdrawn - Slightly waterdamaged on the back.
Photo of free Large corkboard (TN38)
Offer: Old monitor screen (TN38) Withdrawn - Removed from an old horsebox I'm converting. The camera is available also though still attached to the back of the van at present as I have no way to remove it.
Photo of free Old monitor screen (TN38)
Offer: Fibreglass repair kit (TN38) Gifted - Matting, resin, instructions and plastic pit for mixing. Unused.
Photo of free Fibreglass repair kit (TN38)
Offer: Selection of small bolts (TN38) Gifted - Unopened box of small bolts and nuts
Photo of free Selection of small bolts (TN38)
Offer: Vintage pillow cases (TN38) Withdrawn - Two brown vintage pillow cases
Photo of free Vintage pillow cases (TN38)
Offer: Curtain pole supports (TN38) Withdrawn - Black supports for metal curtain pole
Photo of free Curtain pole supports (TN38)
Offer: Solid oak worktop offcut (TN38) Gifted - Small ish square of oak worktop. One side has drill marks the other is perfect.
Photo of free Solid oak worktop offcut (TN38)
Offer: Vintage orange fabric (TN38) Gifted - Possibly part of a set for table covering. Ridged and bright orange.
Photo of free Vintage orange fabric (TN38)
Offer: Varnished plywood pieces (TN38) Gifted - Various small pieces of yacht varnished 18mm plywood.
Photo of free Varnished plywood pieces (TN38)
Offer: Pieces of varnished ply (TN38) Withdrawn - 18mm plywood squares, ish. Two, both under a m2. Well coated with yacht varnish. Offer: Acrylic sealant (TN38) Gifted - Unopened. Picked up the wrong tube in b&q.
Photo of free Acrylic sealant (TN38)
Offer: Glass fibre compound (TN38) Gifted - Bought for a repair and never used. Unopened.
Photo of free Glass fibre compound (TN38)
Offer: Shawl (TN38) Withdrawn - Light brown, slightly battered pretty triangular shall/drape etc
Photo of free Shawl (TN38)
Offer: Set of three canvases (TN38) Gifted - Old canvas photo print in three parts. It's water damaged. Could be painted over for art project.
Photo of free Set of three canvases (TN38)
Offer: Book of motif outlines (TN38) Gifted - In good condition. Full of outlines of many different categories.
Photo of free Book of motif outlines (TN38)
Offer: Cork tiles (TN38) Gifted - One pack containing 6 cork tiles. 10mm thick.
Photo of free Cork tiles (TN38)
Offer: Two push top taps (TN38) Gifted - Two push top taps, in good condition with some of the nuts and washers attached. The cold tap is missing the blue but on top. Gifted to me for my van conversion and now unnecessary due to a change in design.
Photo of free Two push top taps (TN38)
Photo of free Two push top taps (TN38)