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Free: Vacuum for DIY use (Levenshulme M19) Expired - This is a vacuum cleaner intended for attaching to power tools with a dust extraction system and for sucking up DIY detritus. The hose, cable and bits all pack away inside the machine when not in use. You can also swap which ends the hose and filter attach to and use it as a blower. It is quite dusty! It contains a single reusable bag, and had a very basic foam filter, both probably need a good wash.
Photo of free Vacuum for DIY use (Levenshulme M19)
Photo of free Vacuum for DIY use (Levenshulme M19)
Free: Bicycle turbo trainer (Levenshulme M19) Gifted - This works but has some issues. It is supposed to have variable resistance but the lever for that has snapped off and making adjustments was very stuff before. May be fixable if spare parts are available but I've tended to use as is and just vary the effort with my bike's gears. Additionally, the box mentions speed and cadence sensors, which are missing. They're not essential anyway, but also possible to buy separately.
Photo of free Bicycle turbo trainer (Levenshulme M19)
Free: 4 canisters of camping gas (CV 470 Plus) (Levenshulme M19) Gifted - Bought these in error - they are Campinggaz CV470 Plus, which is a canister with a valve hole but no screw thread, described as 'Easy Clic Plus'.
Photo of free 4 canisters of camping gas (CV 470 Plus) (Levenshulme M19)
Photo of free 4 canisters of camping gas (CV 470 Plus) (Levenshulme M19)
Free: mountain bike disc brakes (need fettling) (Levenshulme M19) Gifted - I've got a pair of Shimano SLX disc brakes - levers and calipers, no rotors. They're great when they work but I've had an issue where every few months the pads and rotors get contaminated and need replacing. Maybe there's a leak somewhere although its not obvious to me where. Perhaps someone who's a better mechanic than me could give these a new lease of life - they're fabulous when they work. Free: 5L Ronseal Timbercare - Medium Oak (Levenshulme M19) Gifted - This tub has been in the shed since I moved in, so is at least a couple of years old. Its unopened though so a fair chance that it would be fine to use.
Photo of free 5L Ronseal Timbercare - Medium Oak (Levenshulme M19)
Free: Bike seat for small child (Levenshulme M19) Gifted - This seat mounts to a rear luggage rack and then there's a little handle bar that clamps to your seat post. Its a pretty basic bit of kit but was a good way to transport my daughter short distances when she was maybe 3-5 years old. You need to be confident that they'll hold on and that they'll keep their feet out of the way of the wheels and chain, because their legs will just be dangling either side of the rear wheel. Also worth bearing in mind that you want the top of your rack to be pretty horizontal for this to work easily.
Photo of free Bike seat for small child (Levenshulme M19)
Free: 5 drawer chest of drawers (Levenshulme M19) Gifted - Pale wood effect veneer over chipboard. 95.5cm wide x 48 deep x 99.5 high The veneer is generally in good condition. The main unit has been dismantled for transport, but the drawers left intact. This will need someone quite handy to put back together again. It could really do with some wood glue and extra screws for sturdiness, and one of the drawers might need some repair. This is large and heavy so will need a car. Sorry - I don't have one so can't help with that.
Photo of free 5 drawer chest of drawers (Levenshulme M19)
Photo of free 5 drawer chest of drawers (Levenshulme M19)
Free: 2 x new timer plug sockets (Levenshulme M19) Gifted - Plug sockets that allow you to put a device on a timer. Bought in error and can't return. Please let me know if you only need one or can use both.
Photo of free 2 x new timer plug sockets (Levenshulme M19)
Free: Bush microwave (Levenshulme M19) Gifted - Old but fully working. Size 46cm width x 30 deep x 29.5 high
Photo of free Bush microwave (Levenshulme M19)
Free: Panasonic upright vacuum (Levenshulme M19) Gifted - Pretty old but in good working condition - a pretty effective vacuum. Requires bags, but they're easily available online (or generic upright bags work too).
Photo of free Panasonic upright vacuum (Levenshulme M19)
Free: Shoe rack, metal (Levenshulme M19) Gifted - Metal shoe rack. Not super sturdy, but does the job. Width is adjustable from 114cm (as in pic) down to 64cm. 67cm high x 22 deep. It comes apart very easily for transport and doesn't weigh much. Two of the cross poles have damaged plastic caps at the ends, which means they don't hold onto the side pieces very firmly. I think that could be easily fixed by putting a small screw into the end caps.
Photo of free Shoe rack, metal (Levenshulme M19)
Free: internal doors, need work (Levenshulme M19) Gifted - Hi I have 5 internal doors that could do with a home. They don't match so see photo for sizes and styles. All are heavy solid pine doors. Three have been stripped but fairly rough condition so would need a good sand and finish. The first two in the photos have previously been covered with hardboard panelling, though you can see from the first one that its quite a nice four-panel door behind there. You'd need to collect from Levenshulme, near the Antiques Village. Cheers Kev
Photo of free internal doors, need work (Levenshulme M19)