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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Canned Food - Gently Used Hoodies (Frederick) Withdrawn - My school is having a canned food drive and they also are in need for hoodies for students in need. Request: Skateboard (Frederick) Withdrawn - As long as it’s good to use, I’m interested in skating and having a collection of boards. Request: Gum Ball Machine (Frederick) Withdrawn - Strange right? I’ve been interested in having one in my room. As long as it’s in good condition! Thanks! Offer: Bingo Set (Frederick) Gifted - Bingo set with balls and rolling crate. Request: Poster Frames (Frederick) Withdrawn - I’d like 2 poster frames for my Spider-Man posters, please. :) Request: Toaster (Frederick) - A working toaster for my mothers friend. :) Offer: Gifts (Frederick) Withdrawn - 1.) Valentines Cards and Gift Bag 2.) Christmas Boxes 3.) Let it Snow Gift Bags 4.) Purple Streamers 5.) Confetti
Photo of free Gifts (Frederick)
Offer: Toys (Frederick) Gifted - 1.) Bag of toys 2.) Bag of food toys
Photo of free Toys (Frederick)
Offer: Guitar (Frederick) Gifted - Not too big nor small.
Photo of free Guitar (Frederick)
Offer: Frames (Frederick) Gifted - 9 Frames
Photo of free Frames (Frederick)
Request: Standing Lamp (Frederick) Withdrawn - Hello, me again. 😃 I am looking for a lamp for my moms room because it is dark in her room and I would appreciate her being happy. :) Request: Mirror For Door (Frederick) - Hello, I’m looking for a mirror that I could hang up. I’m hoping my mom can get these to make her day better. Best regards.
Photo of Mirror For Door (Frederick)
Offer: NFL Trading Cards W/ Binder (Frederick) Gifted
Photo of free NFL Trading Cards W/ Binder (Frederick)
Offer: 6 Game Combo Tin (Frederick) Gifted - Good for family game night!
Photo of free 6 Game Combo Tin (Frederick)
Offer: 3 Backpacks (Frederick) Gifted - Al the same size and in good condition. I’m not sure if the Supreme one is well. I received it from my brother but I don’t need it anymore.
Photo of free 3 Backpacks (Frederick)
Offer: Avenger Toys (Frederick) Gifted - 1.) Hulk 2.) Iron Man 3.) Thor 4.) Captain America
Photo of free Avenger Toys (Frederick)
Request: Pillows (Frederick) Received - They don’t need to be perfect. My bean bag is very not good looking and it could use some to be more comfy. Offer: 2 Completed Glued Puzzle (Frederick) Withdrawn - 1.) New York 2.) Beach You could frame them and hang it up! Offer: Puzzles (Frederick) Gifted - 9 Puzzle Boxes of 1,000 pieces. Keeps you busy in quarantine. Offer: Toys (Frederick) Gifted - 1.) Mini Lava Lamp 🧐 2.) Basketball Toy Pretty small but keep me and others busy.
Photo of free Toys (Frederick)
Offer: Plastic Paper Footballs (Frederick) Gifted - 30 NFL Teams Missing Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins. Good condition and comes with football field for paper football toys.
Photo of free Plastic Paper Footballs (Frederick)
Request: Books (Frederick) Received - It doesn’t matter to me what the genre or what the book may be. It could be about cooking or gardening. Any book will do. Thank you! Offer: Halloween candy bowl (Frederick) Withdrawn - Somewhat big bowl, orange, with some scratches on the inside bottom.
Photo of free Halloween candy bowl (Frederick)
Request: Paint or spray paint (Frederick) Received - Any color! Request: Bathroom Scale (Frederick) Received - If it’s working! Please and Thank you. Offer: Random Items (Frederick) Withdrawn - 1.) Christmas teddy bear 2.) Rilakuma squishy 3.) Snoopy mug *State which item you’d like. Take all of you’d like.
Photo of free Random Items (Frederick)
Offer: 2 Photo Frames (Frederick) Gifted - 1.) 9 1/2 ish by 7 1/2 for display. 11 1/2 by 9 1/2 on the size. 2.) 7 by 5 for display. 10 1/2 by 8 1/2 on the size.
Photo of free 2 Photo Frames (Frederick)
Photo of free 2 Photo Frames (Frederick)
Request: Cardboard boxes (Frederick) Received - As long as it’s not dirty. Thank you.
Photo of Cardboard boxes (Frederick)
Offer: Indoor Antenna (Frederick) Withdrawn - Doesn’t take much space, black, working. I wasn’t using it and it is free cable. I never got to get it to work but you could do better than me. 😃
Photo of free Indoor Antenna (Frederick)
Request: Jigsaw puzzles (Frederick) Received - 500 pieces or 1,000 I don’t mind. And good condition.