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Request: Material (Mappleborough Green B98) - Hi I'm looking for remnants of material. I am trying to teach my granddaughter to sew. Just got her a sewing machine so some materials for her to practise on would be great Thank you Offer: Travel cot (Noah's Green B96) Gifted - I have a travel cot only used a few times for my grandson Collection from Feckenham Offer: Travel cot (Noah's Green B96) Gifted - I have a travel cot only used few times for my grandson. Collection from Feckenham Request: Sewing machine (Mappleborough Green B98) Withdrawn - I'm looking for a sewing machine if anyone has one they are gifting. Thank you Offer: shoe cupboard (Mappleborough Green B98) Gifted - I have a shoe cupboard in ok condition The top draw is a bit wobbly but works OK. Collection from Feckenham Offer: Shoe storage (Mappleborough Green B98) Gifted - shoe storage cupboard Top draw little wobbly but still works ok. Collection from Feckenham Request: Camping equipment (Mappleborough Green B98) Received - looking for any camping equipment. I have a tent but that's all so anything else would be gratefully received. Looking to take the grandchildren fir few days as they have been through so much lately Request: Birdcage (Mappleborough Green B98) Received - I am looking desperately for a bird cage If anyone could help it would be very much appreciated its for a budgie found in the garden and I have nowhere to keep it. Request: household goods (Mappleborough Green B98) Received - Please if any kind person can help My friend works in a womans refuge and is desperately looking for ladies clothing 16/18 and household items for a lady moving into a flat Thank you jn advance