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Offer: Plastic kiddie pool (Near El Camino & Walnut) Expired - .Pretty sure there's no holes in it
Photo of free Plastic kiddie pool (Near El Camino & Walnut)
Offer: Dog Bed (Near El Camino & Walnut) Expired - Large dog bed. Used but clean and in good condition EXCEPT the inner liner that holds the filling has disintegrated so you have to be careful opening it. Outer zipper on cover is fine.
Photo of free Dog Bed (Near El Camino & Walnut)
Photo of free Dog Bed (Near El Camino & Walnut)
Offer: Extension cord (Near El Camino & Walnut) Expired - Outdoor extension cord. I think it's 100 feet. It has been cut and mended with electrical tape in 2 places but still works fine.
Photo of free Extension cord (Near El Camino & Walnut)
Photo of free Extension cord (Near El Camino & Walnut)
Offer: Wood Oil Stain (Near El Camino & Walnut) Gifted - Approximately half a can (gallon) of Preserva Wood Oil Stain and Sealer. Redwood color.
Photo of free Wood Oil Stain (Near El Camino & Walnut)
Offer: Uverse router (Near El Camino & Walnut) Gifted - AT&T Uverse router, model #5031NV. Was working fine but we switched from Uverse to different internet and needed a different router. They told us to keep it in case we needed to return it but it's been a year so figure AT&T doesn't want it back. If anyone else wants it, it's yours. Offer: Dyson Vacuum Belts (Near El Camino & Walnut) Gifted - Got 2 vacuum belts that supposedly fit a Dyson DC17 Animal. But they are the small 8mm size and mine uses 10mm. If anyone can use them I can probably put them in an envelope and mail them to you. Offer: NON-WORKING Shop Vac (Near El Camino & Walnut) Gifted - Don't know why anyone would want this, but just in case...... Have a ShopVac that the last time I turned it on the motor gave a "whine" and then nothing. If anyone wants it to fix, for parts, attachements, etc. you're welcome to it.
Photo of free NON-WORKING Shop Vac (Near El Camino & Walnut)
Offer: Redbox 1 day Movie Rental (Near El Camino & Walnut) Expired - Opened a box of popcorn that had a Promo Code for a "Free Red Box 1-Day Movie Rental" printed inside. The code number is 7Y8PHC4E. It expires 12/31/2018. Don't know if it can be used by multiple people or anything else about it but thought I'd post it if anyone wanted to give it a try. Offer: Calcium Supplement (Near El Camino & Walnut) Gifted - Have a bottle of 100 Nature Made Calcium 600 mg with Vitamin D, 400 iu softgels that is opened but not used. Bought it, opened it and saw how big the pills are (1 inch long). Too big for my husband to take and they are made with gelatin so I can't take them. If anyone wants them, you're welcome to them. Request: Big(ish) Landscape Rocks Expired - I'm tired of people driving over my lawn so I need some big(ish) rocks to put out. They can't weigh over about 25-30 pounds each since I have to be able to lmove them. If anyone has any, they don't want I'd be happy to give them a new home. Offer: OLD Laptop Computer (Near El Camino & Walnut) Gifted - Toshiba Satellite Laptop with Windows XP, purchased in 2004. Working great until set it aside a couple of years ago. Reloaded it to factory reset with cd (included with computer) to give it to someone. But it would not connect to our home internet again (even though it would connect to other wifi spots--though the browser (IE) is outdated)---decided I did not want to mess with it. If anyone wants it to use (it seems good for what it does) or for parts or ???, you're welcome to it. If not, guess it goes to e-waste. Offer: Outdoor Extension Cord--Broken (Near El Camino & Walnut) Gifted - I have an orange outdoor extension cord (50 feet, I think) that is like new EXCEPT it was accidentally cut all the way through near the plug. If anyone wants to repair it, you're welcome to it. Offer: NON-working electric leaf blower/vac Gifted - I had noticed one of the prongs on the plug of my leaf blower was loose. Last time I used the blower the plug started smoking. Other than that it's worked great for years. If someone is interested in trying to fix it (maybe just a new plug?) or would like it for parts or ?, they're welcome to it. Also have the vacuum tube and bag that are in great condition if you want them. See picture in the Stuff folder.