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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: 2020 calendars (20008) - 2 2020 calendars, one from Friends of the National Zoo and one from Colonial Williamsburg. Take one or both. PPU. Offer: Full size tripod; broken mount (20008) - I have a Aiptek lightweight full size tripod that was awesome, until the camera mount snapped off. I have no idea if it is possible to get a replacement part, or if it can be used or rigged somehow without the mount, but if anyone wants to try or has a use for it, it’s all yours. PPU Offer: Misc Christmas cards (20008) - Mix of a variety of leftover Christmas cards. About 70 total: 22 Shoebox-style funny cartoons, another 40 of regular Christmas sentiments and then another 7 that I don’t have envelopes for (the first 62 come with envelopes). PPU Offer: Padded mailing envelopes (20008) - Approx 13 medium to large recycled padded envelopes for shipping. PPU.
Offer: NJ Devils bobble head (20008) - Bobble head of Jack Hughes of the Devils hockey team, from Star Wars night (which means he has a brown cape on his back over his uniform. PPU Offer: 2 pop sockets (20008) (20008) - Two pop sockets with Ocean City MD logo (and smaller realtor email address) design. See photo. PPU
Offer: Galaxy S6 phone case (20008) - Plain white hard case. PPU [image1.jpeg] Offer: 2 ceiling fans (20008) - I believe they are this one: Blades are reversible, wood color on one side, white on the other. I don’t have the instructions booklets. These have been in our garage for awhile, but worked fine when we took them down to replace with a different style. PPU Offer: “S” Christmas ornament (20008) - Christmas plaid ornament of the letter S. PPU [image1.jpeg] Offer: coin wrappers (20008) - Small bag of coin wrappers. PPU. [image1.jpeg] Offer: styrofoam cooler with handle (20008) - ppu [image1.jpeg] Offer: retirement plaque (20008) - Retirement poem plaque. About 8” tall. PPU [image1.jpeg] Offer: shoe soles (20008) - Very random, but these are practically brand new soles from shoes that were never worn but fell apart. Two pair that fit size 8.5 shoes. PPU [image1.jpeg] Offer: “powder room” sign (20008) - See pic. PPU [image1.jpeg] Offer: angel print (20008) - 8x10 print of an Angel (fairy?) with gold embossing on the wings and cape (hard to see in picture). Mounted in a gold painted frame. PPU [image1.jpeg] Offer: creamer, measuring cup (20008) - White ceramic creamer, plastic measuring cup, white plastic trash can. See pics. Take some or all. PPU [image1.jpeg] [image2.jpeg] Offer: glass vase (20008) - About 10” high. See pic. PPU [image1.jpeg] Offer: zippered suit bag (20008) - See pics. Canvas-type fabric, zips suit in and has two handles to fold in half. PPU [image1.jpeg] [image2.jpeg] Offer: window envelopes (20008) - 200+ blank window envelopes, the kind that come with bills to send back your check. Such a constant waste...maybe someone could use for their home business? PPU Offer: Toms shoe bagS (20008) - Two Linen shoe bag from a pair of Toms shoes. PPU [image1.jpeg] Offer: prayer card (20008) - This is about 4”x6” and is a Prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes. PPU [image1.jpeg] [image2.jpeg] Offer: assorted “gifts” from Cards Against Humanity (20008) Gifted - The people who made CAH often offered special holiday “gifts” (aka “holiday bullsh*t”) in return for donations that they then gave to charity. If you know CAH, you can imagine the stuff was off the wall. This is a collection of (clockwise from top left): inappropriate stickers (although I’ve hidden some of the letters, I’m sure you can guess what the words are), multi-page comics, a mini version of a game called Slap .45 which is something related to a western shootout but with cards, and a booklet of some of the emails they’ve received and their responses. PPU [image1.jpeg] Offer: pocket square (20008) - Pink and navy blue stripe. Fake silk. PPU [image1.jpeg] Offer: carb counting/meal planning guide (20008) - Book that covers all aspects of carb counting and planning meals (see pic with table of contents). PPU. [image1.jpeg] [image2.jpeg] Offer: wicker plate holders (20008) - I think these used to be used to hold paper plates? Not sure. But there are two, dark brown. PPU. [image1.jpeg] Offer: Maclarnen Volo stroller frame (20008) Gifted - We have a frame only for a Maclaren Volo stroller. We had to toss the seat, but you can get a new seat on the website for $50 (a new Volvo sells for several hundred $). The frame is super lightweight, aluminum, and is so easy to use. You can open and close it with one hand. The mesh basket underneath also holds a lot of stuff. It turns so easily, even while using one-handed. The wheels are in great shape. A couple of notes: * The canopy is gray and a bit dirty, but otherwise works fine. And the rubber grips on the handlebar are cracked. But if you wanted to replace either/both you could. * The one thing that is broken is the side lock. This has not been a problem except when dragging the stroller up stairs while open. Sometimes the foot release lever will catch on a step and engage, and you just have to push it back down. But it is not a problem otherwise. It has been a great stroller and brand new are several hundred $. PPU Offer: small green flower frame (20008) - Some scuffing, you can see in pic. About 7 in in diameter. PPU. [image1.jpeg] Offer: shelving pieces (20008) - 2 metal strips and 6 brackets to hold shelves. Off-white metal. PPU [image1.jpeg] Offer: vintage wooden handles purse (20008) Gifted - I remember these as the rage in the 80s. There’s a purse made of wooden handles and a sewn main bag, and several additional patterns to change out (the bags attach to the handles with buttons). PPU [image2.jpeg] Offer: Doctor Who posters (20008) - 4 vintage posters of different Doctors. PPU [image1.jpeg]