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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: white outdoor paint (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - One third gallon of Valspar white outdoor paint. Offer: firewood /for wood making project (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) Gifted - We recently had a large oak tree cut down resulting in a large assortment of wood ranging from 5 inches in diameter with the largest cut of 34 inches in diameter. The large cuts of the tree trunk are very heavy and will need to be cut in smaller pieces unless you have help in moving them without using a chain saw. Offer: Rawhide Curls for dogs (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) Gifted - package of 5 "Exer-Hides" Rawhide Curls for dogs. Rawhide helps reduce plaque and tartar on their teeth. Offer: 2 small chairs for children (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) Withdrawn - Two wooden handmade chairs for children.
Offer: Pack n Play sheets (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - Two flannel Pack 'n Play sheets in good condition. Offer: Toddler chair and toy playhouse (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - A plastic toddler chair with a tray; it's secured by straps to a regular chair and has straps for the child.. Also, a Fisher Price Little People toy playhouse in very good condition. It has built in furniture for a two story house but no "Little people". But if you have other Fisher Price toys, you probably have the little people to use with the playhouse. Offer: Toddler Booster Chair and Swing (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) Gifted - Toddler Booster Chair with tray and seat cover. Straps around regular chair. Also, toddler outdoor plastic swing with ropes and chain to attach. Offer: Toddler Booster Chair and Swin (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - Toddler Booster Chair with tray and seat cover. Straps around regular chair. Also, toddler outdoor plastic swing with ropes and chain to attach. Offer: crib converted to toddler bed (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - We converted a crib to a toddler bed when our grandson was starting to climb over the railing. He has outgrown the bed, so time to give to another child who is small enough to use it. Mattress, sheet, and plastic mattress pad included.
Offer: Bissell Vacuum sweeper (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - Bissell "Perfect Sweep Turbo" vacuum sweeper. It's a cordless, rechargeable upright sweeper. Manuel User Guide is included. Offer: floor lamp (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - Floor lamp has a silver metal @ 50 " high . Two lamp shades available. Lamp tilts a little to the side.
Offer: desktop shelf (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - Laminated shelf is a cherry stain. Shelf dimensions are 58" length x 12" wide x 36" high. The two side cabinets have doors that can be locked and also has a built-in holder for 20 CD cases and a light underneath the bottom shelf. The shelf is attached to the sides of a desk..
Offer: frame (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - Red picture frame 24" x 20 3/4". Print is stuffed rabbits, teddy bears and dolls on a bed, but can be replaced.
Offer: camping cookware (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - Set of camping cookware, includes: * 4 piece aluminum pots with removable handles, sizes 1 quart to 1 gallon; * coffee pot with filters; * 2 rimmed lids which can also be used for baking; * cooking utensils - one each of long handled fork, spoon, spatula * 2 plastic plates and 3 cups; * 2 plastic egg holders for 1 dozen eggs each * small plastic bin for washing dishes * 4 small plastic bottles with lids for condiments, and other food, spices, etc. Offer: bubble wrap (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - I have a large box full of bubble wrap. Most of it is in long strips, but I also have different sizes. Offer: plastic sand container for kids (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - A 33 ' diameter plastic round sand container for kids. We made small holes in this former wading pool for the water to drain after it rains. It's light and easy to store when it's not in use. Offer: GE gas range (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - Old GE gas range, model JGSP20GEP186, serial GE2327718Q. It's a 30 inch wide slide-in model but can be free standing also. The broiler doesn't work but otherwise it has been a good range for the 15 years we've lived in our house. We're replacing it with a convection oven since I bake a lot. If anyone wants it I prefer the range be picked up by Sunday, Nov. 2. Offer: baby shower decorations (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - Baby decorations in god shape and an unopened Diaper Cake Kit decoration. Also have some printed sheets for shower games. Offer: 2 Cabbage Patch dolls (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) Gifted - Vintage Cabbage Patch dolls: one with brown hair and one with red hair. One is authentic and the other is hand crafted. Purchased in the early 1980's and loved by my two daughters who are now parents themselves! Offer: 10 lb. barbells and votive candles (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) Gifted - I have two 10 lb. barbell weights and 3 bags of tealight votive candles to give away. Offer: Kids videotapes (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) Gifted - If you still have a VCR, I have 12 videotapes of movies TV programs, etc. including the following: Beauty and the Beast Cinderella The Nightmare Before Christmas (Tim Burton) The Lion King Barney's Musical Castle Barney's Adventure Bus Teletubbies Bedtime Stories and Lullabies Precious Moments - Timmy's Gift Veggies Tales (2 videotapes) Kidsongs - What I want to Be Jesus Among the People - (Reader's Digest) Offer: Pregnancy body pillow (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) Gifted - Large U-shaped body pillow (@ 9' length, 16" wide) for support during pregnancy and beyond. The pillow supports the back, head, neck, hips and belly by following the shape of your body to allow for rest and relaxation. Has washable removable cover. Offer: todler booster seat & tray (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) Gifted - Plastic seat and tray for toddlers. Fits on a chair with straps and a child waist strap. Request: Children's floor book rack (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - My grandson needs a book rack for his growing pile of young children's books. Thanks Request: mosaic tiles (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - I'm making a mosaic tile table top and i need about 130 dark blue or royal blue 3/4 inch tiles and 36 - 40 yellow tiles. - preferably stained glass tiles or ceramic. I can't find thhm locally or on the internet unless I buy a large quantity at a high cost. Request: play kitchen set (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - Does anyone have a play kitchen set that your kids have outgrown? I'm looking for one for my grandson. Thanks Offer: lamp shades for a chandelier (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - Five chandelier lampshades, navy blue color. Offer: water faucet filters (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - A box of 4 Pur water "mineral clear" filter replacements for faucets. These replace previous 5-steps filters. Offer: garden tools w/o handles (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - I have 5 garden tools which all need new handles, but are still usable: 1 hoe, 2 garden rakes, and two shovels. Offer: picture frames (29N off Polo Grounds Rd.) - A big box of assorted picture frames - wood, metal, and plastic. Some have prints in them if you wish to use them.