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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: End tables (Downtown Denton) Gifted - 27x27x22 Solid wood Great pieces. Could use painting
Photo of free End tables (Downtown Denton)
Photo of free End tables (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Under bed drawers (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Food condition drawers perfect for under bed storage. Have handles
Photo of free Under bed drawers (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Size 10 (Downtown Denton) - Super comfy & worn only twice
Photo of free Size 10 (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Dust pans (Downtown Denton) - 1 large outdoor 1 normal indoor
Photo of free Dust pans (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Book (Downtown Denton) Expired - Near twu
Photo of free Book (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Drink mats (Downtown Denton) Expired - 2 bar mats
Photo of free Drink mats (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Plate holder (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Decorative plate holder near TWU
Photo of free Plate holder (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Sale stickers (Downtown Denton) Gifted - A lot left
Photo of free Sale stickers (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Calcium carbonate (Downtown Denton) Expired - Barely used
Photo of free Calcium carbonate (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Xantham Gum (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Barely touched
Photo of free Xantham Gum (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Silicone scrubber (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Not my thing
Photo of free Silicone scrubber (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Gelatins (Downtown Denton) Expired - 1 packet missing
Photo of free Gelatins (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Vanilla syrup (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Unopened
Photo of free Vanilla syrup (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Glass bucket (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Might be 9” diameter
Photo of free Glass bucket (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Mini glue gun (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Works.
Photo of free Mini glue gun (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Coloring book (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Unused except for 2 pages
Photo of free Coloring book (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Shoelaces (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Black
Photo of free Shoelaces (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Boot stuffer (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Keeps boots upright
Photo of free Boot stuffer (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Novelty shot glass (Downtown Denton) Gifted - New
Photo of free Novelty shot glass (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Small games (Downtown Denton) Gifted - New in package
Photo of free Small games (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Easel chalkboard (Downtown Denton) Gifted - 2. Take one or both
Photo of free Easel chalkboard (Downtown Denton)
Offer: dustpan (Downtown Denton) Gifted - New
Photo of free dustpan (Downtown Denton)
Offer: File folders (Downtown Denton) Gifted - New in Package
Photo of free File folders (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Planter plastics (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Various sizes
Photo of free Planter plastics (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Purses (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Take one or all
Photo of free Purses (Downtown Denton)
Photo of free Purses (Downtown Denton)
Photo of free Purses (Downtown Denton)
Offer: New unopened (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Exp 10/21
Photo of free New unopened (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Knickknack Shelf (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Good condition
Photo of free Knickknack Shelf (Downtown Denton)
Photo of free Knickknack Shelf (Downtown Denton)
Photo of free Knickknack Shelf (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Clay planter pot (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Maybe a 9 inch Can be repainted
Photo of free Clay planter pot (Downtown Denton)
Photo of free Clay planter pot (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Large tote (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Large tote. My leg for scale. No lid, has a little hole in bottom.
Photo of free Large tote (Downtown Denton)
Offer: Throw blanket (Downtown Denton) Gifted - Pretty damaged in areas, would be good for the person who repurposes stuff
Photo of free Throw blanket (Downtown Denton)