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Free: CD / Blu-ray cases (Table Mesa) Gifted - Plastic and fabric cases for CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray disks
Photo of free CD / Blu-ray cases (Table Mesa)
Free: Halogen lightbulbs (Table Mesa) Gifted - An assortment
Photo of free Halogen lightbulbs (Table Mesa)
Free: LED Floodlights (Table Mesa) - Some new, all good condition
Photo of free LED Floodlights (Table Mesa)
Free: Pin-base LED bulbs (Table Mesa) Gifted - Should work in any low-voltage pin-based socket
Photo of free Pin-base LED bulbs (Table Mesa)
Free: automotive bulbs (Table Mesa) - A few bulbs
Photo of free automotive bulbs (Table Mesa)
Free: Incandescent lightbulbs (Table Mesa) Gifted - Anyone still using incandescent lightbulbs? I have a bunch for someone who will take the whole set
Photo of free Incandescent lightbulbs (Table Mesa)
Free: Estes Rockets (Table Mesa) - Any Estes rockets fans out there?
Photo of free Estes Rockets (Table Mesa)
Free: Ultrasonic cleaner (Table Mesa) Gifted - New Trent ultrasonic cleaner CD-3800 Very good condition
Photo of free Ultrasonic cleaner (Table Mesa)
Free: Spirit Gum (Table Mesa) - I'm not sure if this was ever used, it looks unopened.
Photo of free Spirit Gum (Table Mesa)
Free: Toilet grab bar (Table Mesa) - Vaunn Medical bathroom adjustable toilet safety rail and commode grab bar handle Freestanding, easy to assemble and use New, in box, unassembled
Photo of free Toilet grab bar (Table Mesa)
Free: Globe LED light bulbs (Table Mesa) Gifted - 3 LED lightbulbs. Standard base, 10 W, 800 Lumens 3000K Frost Litetronics LD10536FR4D
Photo of free Globe LED light bulbs (Table Mesa)
Free: Panasonic TV (Table Mesa) Gifted - In good working order, remote included. This is a widescreen version of a 32" TV so widescreen movies look much better (and bigger). See description in link above for more details.
Photo of free Panasonic TV (Table Mesa)
Free: Head scratcher (Table Mesa) Gifted - Ya gotta try it to understand.
Photo of free Head scratcher (Table Mesa)
Free: Decorative item (Table Mesa) Gifted - Good condition
Photo of free Decorative item (Table Mesa)
Free: Bookends (Table Mesa) Gifted - Different sizes for different sized books
Photo of free Bookends (Table Mesa)
Free: Hand mixer (Table Mesa) Gifted - Beaters store in base for compact storage!
Photo of free Hand mixer (Table Mesa)
Free: Halogen study light (Table Mesa) Gifted - Nice and bright. Simply touch the frame to get different brightness levels.
Photo of free Halogen study light (Table Mesa)
Free: Serving tray (Table Mesa) Gifted - Perfect for breakfast (or chicken soup) in bed!
Photo of free Serving tray (Table Mesa)
Free: Picture frames (Table Mesa) Gifted - See pictures for details
Photo of free Picture frames (Table Mesa)
Photo of free Picture frames (Table Mesa)
Free: Home office setup (Table Mesa) Gifted - Corner desk with sit and stand positions. Office chair Both in very good condition. Monitor arm is available, monitor is not.
Photo of free Home office setup (Table Mesa)
Photo of free Home office setup (Table Mesa)
Photo of free Home office setup (Table Mesa)
Free: Now Foods Pea Protein (Table Mesa) Gifted - unflavored unopened unexpired
Photo of free Now Foods Pea Protein (Table Mesa)
Free: Corner shelving unit (Table Mesa) Gifted - Excellent condition. 57" high, 37.5" wide at widest point.
Photo of free Corner shelving unit (Table Mesa)
Free: Wooden stool (Table Mesa) - Excellent condition
Photo of free Wooden stool (Table Mesa)
Free: Camping gear (Table Mesa) Gifted - Lots of camping gear in decent to good condition. Butane camping stove with canisters Multi-person tent Four sleeping bags including two that can zip together. Dishes, pots, pans, utensils, cups, etc. Lots of tarps, ropes and poles (e.g., to set up a cooking shelter). Looking for someone who will be able to use this equipment.
Photo of free Camping gear (Table Mesa)
Photo of free Camping gear (Table Mesa)
Photo of free Camping gear (Table Mesa)
Photo of free Camping gear (Table Mesa)
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Free: Bookcases (Table Mesa) Gifted - Two dark wood grain laminate bookcases, 31.5" x 10" x 72.5" (shelves are 30" x 9.6") One oak bookcase, 36" x 12" x 84" (shelves are 34.5" x 10.3") All in good condition. They have screw holes in the top to anchor them to the wall (I can include the hardware if you want, I recommend attaching them).
Photo of free Bookcases (Table Mesa)
Photo of free Bookcases (Table Mesa)
Free: Aerobed Queen Matrress (Table Mesa) Gifted - Plug it in to inflate, open the big valve to deflate. Most comfortable air mattress around!
Photo of free Aerobed Queen Matrress (Table Mesa)
Free: Panasonic Lumix FP1 (Table Mesa) Gifted - Panasonic Lumix in very good condition. This can be a good first digital camera or something you keep handy when you need a quick pic. It can hold a few pictures but when you pop in a standard SD card, it can hold thousands. Comes in its original box with charger, wrist cord, and cables to attach it to a computer or display device.
Photo of free Panasonic Lumix FP1 (Table Mesa)
Free: Bag Balm (Table Mesa) Gifted - One unused 8 oz can of Bag Balm. Also, several small tubes of "On the go" bag balm skin moisturizer.
Photo of free Bag Balm (Table Mesa)
Free: Italian Doll (Table Mesa) Expired - Large doll from Italy (purchased in 1961). About 34" tall.
Photo of free Italian Doll (Table Mesa)
Free: Doll Furniture (Table Mesa) Expired - Hand-made doll furniture.
Photo of free Doll Furniture (Table Mesa)