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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Pet items (Gilroy) Gifted - Water container, dish bowl and a few other items.
Photo of free Pet items (Gilroy)
Offer: Two shelves (Gilroy) Withdrawn - No hardware, these are 28 1/2" wide x 11" deep.
Photo of free Two shelves (Gilroy)
Offer: Hanging hose holder (Gilroy) Gifted - In decent condition needs hardware
Photo of free Hanging hose holder (Gilroy)
Offer: Bird seed (Gilroy) Expired - One gallon size bag
Photo of free Bird seed (Gilroy)
Offer: New piece of formica (Gilroy) Gifted - 17" wide x 24" deep
Photo of free New piece of formica (Gilroy)
Offer: File cabinet (Gilroy) Expired - 24" high, 16" wide and 18 1/2" deep Needs a light cleaning, I lost the key
Photo of free File cabinet (Gilroy)
Offer: Floating shelve (Gilroy) Gifted - White 35" wide x 7" deep, no hardware
Photo of free Floating shelve (Gilroy)
Offer: 4 kitchen chairs (Gilroy) Gifted - No longer needed
Photo of free 4 kitchen chairs (Gilroy)
Offer: Curtain Rods (Gilroy) Gifted - Three curtain rods (white, silver and black) black and white ones have the hanging accessories.
Photo of free Curtain Rods (Gilroy)
Request: Rake (Gilroy) Expired - Looking for one that can be used to spread gravel. Offer: Pine trees (Gilroy) Expired - Anyone interested, no pots, I will bag for you.
Photo of free Pine trees (Gilroy)
Photo of free Pine trees (Gilroy)
Offer: Toilet rolls (Gilroy) Expired - I've saved quite a few, great diy crafts for kids. Request: Dahlias (Gilroy) Expired - Anyone dividing their dahlias, would like to try growing some. Thank you Offer: Apples (Gilroy) Gifted - From my tree, not perfect, apple pie, crisp, etc Offer: Full size boxspring (Gilroy) Expired - Good condition
Photo of free Full size boxspring (Gilroy)
Offer: Toy chest (Gilroy) Gifted - Honey color 48" wide x 18" deep. Years ago disposed of the lid, because of safety for the kids.
Photo of free Toy chest (Gilroy)
Offer: Metal shelving unit (Gilroy) Expired - 51" high x 44" wide, you need to secure to the wall.
Photo of free Metal shelving unit (Gilroy)
Offer: Used laminate (Gilroy) Gifted - Honey oak color, I hate to toss. There are quite a few usable pieces, . Not done taking it all up, but, will hold for a day or two. There should be enough for a small room.
Photo of free Used laminate (Gilroy)
Offer: Norman Baby Grand Piano (Harris Ave San Jose) Gifted - In fair condition, will need a truck and a few helpers to help you load.
Photo of free Norman Baby Grand Piano (Harris Ave San Jose)
Photo of free Norman Baby Grand Piano (Harris Ave San Jose)
Offer: Armoire (Harris Ave San Jose) Expired - About seven feet tall, large heavy in excellent condition. Will have to pickup in San Jose cross street Harris Ave and Leigh.
Photo of free Armoire (Harris Ave San Jose)
Photo of free Armoire (Harris Ave San Jose)
Offer: Metal shelve (Near tenth st Gilroy) Expired - Grey, metal. The kind that you secure to a wall. Great condition. Pictured laying on its side.
Photo of free Metal shelve (Near tenth st Gilroy)
Offer: CD's (Near tenth st Gilroy) Expired - I have a large box single ones mostly in Spanish. But, I saw them strung at an out door patio and thought someone might want to use them as a decorative item. I just hate to toss them. Offer: Box 8x8" pieces of redwood (Near tenth st Gilroy) Gifted - Any crafters out there who can use these: ie to build birdhouses? Hate to toss Offer: 8x10 carpet remnant (Near tenth st Gilroy) Gifted - Tight weave multicolored green, great for the garage. It is clean, no stains.