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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: 6 foot wooden dining table (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) - 6 ft by 4 ft. Cherry colored. Great if you have young kids who want to do projects on the table, or as a work table. In solid condition.
Offer: Weber BBQ (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) Gifted - Silver Legacy B. Has new cast iron grates, and a cover. Three burners and a side burner all work reasonably well. You will need a pickup truck to pick it up. Does not include a propane tank. Preference given to an organization that can put it to good use. Offer: Shipping container (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) Gifted - 74 X 14 X 14 inches. Aluminium frame with hardboard siding. Curious if anyone can use this before I recycle it.
Offer: Reverse Osmosis storage tank (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) Gifted - New tank. I got it from another Cupertino resident, but realized I didn’t need it as the current tank works fine
Offer: Two functioning thermostats (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) Gifted - White rogers. Both units were replaced with a nest unit, so I have no need for them.
Offer: Wall bracket - GXWH40L filter (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) - Replaced our house filter so did not need this mounting bracket and screws.
Offer: Zetox Zeolite suspension (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) Gifted - Two bottles delivered to us by mistake and Amazon does not want it back. They are sealed. I don’t know anything about this product, so please request it only if you know details about its benefits and risks.
Offer: Futura pressure cooker parts (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) - New sealing ring and pressure safety valve. One used sealing ring as well Request: Planting pots (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) Received - Looking for planting pots. The larger the better. Need about 5 pots. If you have empty ones from plants you planted in your yard, I could put them to good use. Offer: Plastic knives (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) Gifted - 5 packs of 20 knives each. Unopened
Offer: Led Christmas lights (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) Gifted - 3 strands of cool white LED Christmas lights.
Offer: “Wanted poster” (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) Gifted - 37 in by 25 in Poster is new.
Offer: Wanted poster (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) - 37 in by 25 in
Offer: Phone repair screwdrivers (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) Gifted - Many screwdrivers and other repair parts for iPhone repair.
Offer: Small cardboard boxes qty 8 (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) - Good for packing smaller items.
Offer: Moving / shipping boxes (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) Gifted - 5 boxes of various sizes.
Request: Dell laptop power supply (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) Received - 19.5 Volt power supply for Dell laptops needed. I have rebuilt two Dell laptops from a stack of broken laptops for use during the Monta Vista High School Senior all night party, but am looking for two power supplies for them. If you have one, please let me know. Thanks
Request: White bedsheets (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) - Looking for white or off white bed sheets for the Monta Vista High School Senior All Night Party. We are looking to use the sheets to build some props for the party. Please let me know if you have any that you are looking to give away. Sheets should be in reasonably good shape please, and without stains. Thanks Offer: 4 audio / video cables (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) - 3 to 5 feet in length. Please let me know how many you need so that I can distribute accordingly Offer: IKEA reading lights (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) Gifted - Two reading lamps. Ideal for bunk beds. Offer: Various bulbs and fixtures (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) - Two track lighting fixtures and assorted spot light bulbs Offer: Pull out shelf - IKEA cabinet (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) - Fits 12 inch IKEA cabinet. New. Offer: Assorted PVC pipe connectors (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) - Mostly 3/4 inch, but some other sizes. Some other assorted sprinkler parts as well. First come First serve. Offer: Decorative sticks bunch (Robindell Way & S Stelling Rd) - Two bunches of dried decorative sticks. About 6 feet tall. Offer: Kitchen cabinets (Fairoaks and 101) - In pretty solid shape. Replaced them as part of a remodel. Check out the pictures: Offer: Kitchen cabinets (Fairoaks and 101) - In pretty solid shape. Replaced them as part of a remodel. Offer: Mirrors (Fairoaks and 101) - 1 47x47, 1 47x26, 1 39x26 appx. Just completed a remodel, and decided not it put them back. Mirrors are in good shape, but the 39x26 has a chipped corner. You will need to use gloves to move them. Offer: Uverse remote (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) Gifted - Brand new Uverse remote for the older version cable boxes Offer: Television stand - Toshiba Tv (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) - Fits 32" Regza TV. Offer: Mountain bike (Derbyshire Dr & Robindell Way) Gifted - Adult bike, will need some maintenance and new tubes, but last time we used it, it worked fine