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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Large Cooking Pot (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Large pot, doesn't have lid. Good size for corn-on-the-cob, stews, spaghetti, etc.
Offer: Women's clothes XL, XXL (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - 3 large bags of women's clothes, XL & XXL. A mixture of sizes so please take all and recycle what does not fit. These bags have been safely stored in the trunk of a car since mid-March, not exposed to any virus. Pick up will be from outside porch. Offer: Candle holders (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) - 3 Large glass candles, 2 small ones. They could easily be used for something else besides candles.
Offer: Women's Boots - size 6 (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Women's boots size 6- worn only one season.
Offer: Mirror - old fashioned swivel (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Swivel mirror - needs some repair on base and on side to secure frame in position.
Offer: Sheets - Double - 1 fitted, 2 flat (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - 3 Unmatched sheets, plus 2 pillow cases.
Offer: Fabric protection spray (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Spray to protect upholstery fabric. Feels almost new. I can't remember why I have this!
Offer: Dog items (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) - 1yellow collar; 1 "tail" to attach to wall to hang up leash
Offer: Matches/covers (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Little books of matches. Old - just discovered! Anyone want before I pitch?
Offer: Road maps (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Road maps - Ontario, Cambridge ON, Britain. Will be pitching - just checking first if anyone wants.
Offer: Unmatched sheets (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Double sheets -1 fitted, 2 top sheets. Plus 2 pillow cases.
Offer: Safety pins & curtain hooks (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Lots of safety pins, package of curtain hooks.
Offer: Iron holder (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - This is an over-the-door plastic hanger for your iron
Offer: Vent (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - It looks like an outside vent for dryer??
Offer: Jars & containers (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Assorted jars and containers.
Offer: tent pegs? (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Tent pegs - I think!
Offer: 2 mirrors (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - 2 mirrors (difficult to take picture!). One is from the front of a medicine cabinet, and the other is fine just has a broken piece on the plastic edge.
Offer: Hairspray (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Hairspray -- was left by a visitor and I don't use or need. Fills like an almost full container.
Offer: Glass candle dishes (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Small glass round candle dishes (could be used for something else)
Offer: Spray for fleas & ticks (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) - Spray for carpets, etc. for fleas & ticks
Offer: Scrapbooking bits (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) - For scrapbooking projects
Offer: 2 mirrors (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Mirrors -- Hard to take picture! One is from the front of a medicine cabinet, the other has a small frame which is cracked (frame not the mirror).
Offer: Ear buds (type from airplanes) (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Earbuds - assortment from airplanes.
Offer: Lots of misc stuff (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Stuff on basement shelf. Lots of bits. Please take all and pitch what is not useful. ASAP! I don't have time to sort. Thanks.
Offer: Resource books for Teachers (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Many books for teachers involved with Children's Church Ministry. Would prefer that they go to someone actively involved in Kids' Programs at a smaller church. Please let me know how you would plan to use. Thanks.
Offer: Dog food bin (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Holds the large size bag of dog food.
Offer: Foam to make pillows (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Foam pieces to use for making cushions.
Offer: Dog cover for car seat (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Protective car seat cover for dogs
Offer: Wine Decanter (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Glass wine decanter
Offer: Bathtub for baby (Confederation Pkwy & Dundas W) Gifted - Baby Bathtub non-slip plus removable piece.