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Request: color paper and heart paper punch Expired - I'm looking for colored paper, construction, scrap booking, copy paper. Any colored paper. Also heart paper punches, preferably larger one but any will do. Request: Dresser for Kids Room Expired - I am in need of a couple smaller dressers for kids. Please only something is decent condition, not falling apart or missing parts. Will pick up in the Salt Lake Valley or close by. Request: Broken Appliance Expired - I am looking for a broken appliance, fridge, stove, washer/dryer, microwave. Does not matter what. I am wanting it for a disabled person to have something to do. So taking apart something to scrap it is what we decided would be something for her to give her something to work on instead of just sitting and watching tv. We can pick up anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley. Thanks Eva Offer: Subject line information Expired - I have always kind of disliked some of the rules that have been used in this group. So since I have taken over the group and it is no longer associated with the free cycle system I have made some changes and can still make changes. I have an issue with the cross street thing and thought that if you just put in your city that would be sufficient. The idea behind putting the cross streets was for members to know the approx location of the item being given away. But the city will do that just as good. So I am going to change this, you no longer need to include cross streets but please put your city, SLC, Kearns, Centerville etc. And only include the item in the subject line. Some member have been putting partial descriptions and that makes the subject line to long. So there are 3 types of post we have and using these words is needed. Reason is because when we do a search for something it is easier if you use the same words. There is Offer, Wanted and Taken and you only need your location in the Offer posts. So the subject lines should look like the following. Offer bike Midvale Taken bike Wanted bike (only put the item, no descriptions in the subject line) I hope this make it easier and better for you all. Thanks Leftyutah Moderator/Owner Request: Furnace Expired - I have a friend who's furnace just went out. The repair man is saying it is the mother board which is going to cost $1000 to fix and she does not have the funds to get it fixed. I am looking for a used furnace that anyone may have because they just replaced their's with a new one that is willing to give it up for free. I am willing to come pick it up if I need to. Request: loveseat and double recliner Expired - I am looking for a loveseat that is leather or vinyl and looking for a double recliner. Please in good shape with no tares. Can pick up in the Salt Lake Valley or close by Request: large boat and Jet Ski's Expired - I am looking for a larger boat that may have engine problems and also Jet Skis. I am willing to pay a few hundred dollars. Let me know if you have either of these items. I am in the Salt Lake area. Offer: Cat in Magna Expired - Sorry the free cat is in Magna. Offer: Cat Expired - Male cat about a year old, very friendly and lovable. He loves attention. OK with other cats. Daughter moving and can not take him with.