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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Flakeboard and chipboard (Hereford HR1) Gifted - Clearing the shed out! We have three sheets 2400 x 600 flakeboard, undamaged, plus some part boards. Also three sheets of 2400 x 600 chipboard, plus some offcuts, with minor damage.
Offer: Optical computer mouse (old style) (Hereford HR1) - Optical three-button computer mouse with old-style round connector (not USB), would suit older tower-type computer system Offer: Cables (SCART, Ethernet) (Hereford HR1) - SCART cable, 1m Ethernet cable, approx. 10m Offer: Camping gas lantern with mantles (Hereford HR1) - Small Campingaz gas lantern, 80W, with gas bottle and spare mantles Offer: Oil-filled radiator, 1.5kW (Hereford HR1) Gifted - Small electric oil-filled radiator available, 240V, 1.5kW Offer: Language courses, French and German (Hereford HR1) - Two Linguaphone courses, cassette-based, with cassettes and course material, in original boxes. Offer: 160GB external hard drive (Hereford HR1) Gifted - We have an external hard drive that we no longer need: it is physically large compared with today's drives but works well. USB 2.0 connection. Includes power adapter. Offer: computer monitor (Hereford HR1) Gifted - AOC LCD computer monitor in good working order. Let us know if you would like it or it will end up in electrical recycling later this week. :-( Offer: Slide projector and screens (Hereford HR1) Gifted - We have a very old, but fully working, slide projector. It even has a spare bulb (if I can find it). We have 2 free-standing screens for projection. Keen to make some space so get in touch asap if you can offer a home to any or all of the above.