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Request: Tweed (ME14) - Does anyone have any tweed jackets or skirts etc that they no longer need? I need some tweed fabric for a craft project. Thanks in advance. Request: Ball Pit / Play Tunnel (ME14) - Does anyone have an unwanted ball pit or play tunnel lying around? Request: Gavin Astor House Summer Fair (ME14) - Hi everyone, I volunteer at Gavin Astor House Care Home (Part of RBLI Aylesford). We have our summer fair on 29 June and are in need of some wicker type baskets to fill with toiletries/food items to make hampers for the raffle. We also need some wooden crate type boxes for the gentleman’s toiletries. If anyone has any of these that require a new home, they would be gratefully received. If anyone has any unopened toiletries/alcohol etc that could be included in these hampers, they would be gratefully received as well. All monies raised at the fair go towards providing stimulating activities and trips for our residents. Thank you Request: Bubble Wrap (ME14) - Does anyone have any bubble wrap hanging around? I have some signs to courier to someone but I’m short on wrap. Thanks Request: Metal coat hooks (ME14) - Hi, does anyone have any metal coat hooks that they don’t need? I don’t even mind if they are attached to something as I can remove them. I just need the hooks! Failing that, metal curtain tie backs will work. Thanks muchly 😀 Request: Wood offcuts (ME14) - Does anyone have any wood offcuts hanging around for some Christmas crafts that I would like to try. Unfortunately not pallets as I can’t get them in my car or take them apart. Request: Bike trailer (ME14) - A huge ask but does anyone have something like this hanging around in the garage gathering dust? I want to be able to take my puppy out with me when cycling. Would be eternally grateful!!!
Photo of Bike trailer (ME14)
Request: Pram (ME14) - Does anyone have a pram (carry cot style or where a baby lies flat)? I need a pram for our puppy as he cannot walk too far at the moment and the hot weather is just too much for him. I usually carry him where necessary but I have a bad back and it’s causing issues. Thanks Request: Wood off cuts (ME14) - Does anyone have any wood off cuts or bits of pallet? I want to make these as a gift for someone, thanks
Photo of Wood off cuts (ME14)
Offer: Home style Sewing Magazines (ME14) Gifted - 7 magazines for anyone interested in seeing crafts and home furnishings. Need gone ASAP. Offer: Mollie Makes Craft Mags (ME14) Gifted - Huge pile of as new Mollie Makes magazines. I haven’t got the free kits that came with them but the magazines are still great for any avid crafter. Need gone ASAP. Request: Large frame for party selfies (ME14) - Does anyone have a large photo frame or empty frame of some kind that I could borrow over the weekend for some celebration selfies? Request: Car seat (ME14) - Does anyone have a forward facing car seat that I could borrow for a long weekend? I have a friend coming to stay who has a little boy age 3 but I don't have a suitable car seat. If anyone has that needs recycling that would be fine to as I would then put back on Freecycle. Thank you. Request: Bird cage or old wooden chair (ME14) - Does anyone have an old wooden chair laying around that needs some TLC or a bird cage??? Random I know! Offer: Cross Stitch Mags (ME14) Gifted - I have a pile of cross stitch magazines if anyone would like them. Request: Tin Bath (ME14) - Does anyone have a tin bath laying around gathering rust that they no longer need?? Request: Rocks for a rockery (ME14) - If anyone has any rocks suitable for a rockery, I would be eternally grateful x Request: Wooden chair (ME14) - If anyone has an old wooden chair that I could upcycle for the garden, I'd be really grateful. If it needs TLC, then that's even better. Thank you. Request: Fake plants, leaves etc (ME14) - Does anyone have any fake plants, leaves or trees like that that I can use to adorn my reading area at school? I'm also looking for any cushions as well. Thank you. Request: Board Games (ME14) - Does anyone have any board games that they no longer require eg boggle, scrabble, chess etc? Would like them for an after school club. Thanking you in advance. Request: Mannequin legs (ME14) - A bit of a strange request, but if anyone happens to have a pair of mannequin legs hanging around, I would love to use them for my alice in wonderland display of her going through the rabbit hole!. Thanks Request: Tea cups and tea pots (ME14) - Hi, if anyone has any teacups or teapots (they do not have to match) I would be really grateful to receive them for an Alice in Wonderland classroom display for September. I am looking at suspending them from the ceiling for effect. Thank you.