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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Gold ottoman (SY2) - Top is mouldy but perfect for up cycling
Offer: Gold ottoman (SY2) - Top is mouldy but perfect for upcycling
Offer: Non working stick blender (SY2) - All in good condition but just stopped working.
Offer: Box of random shed stuff (SY2) - Who knows what’s in this! I’m still adding to it so I’ll leave it a while before I draw a name from the hat!
Offer: Petrol container (SY2) Gifted
Offer: Child’s bike helmet (SY2) Gifted - Probably about ages 4-5. Pretty unused I think.
Offer: Double duvet (SY2) Gifted - Mostly pretty clean. Been in shed so will need a wash. Probably 13.5 tog.
Offer: Old spanners etc (SY2) Gifted
Offer: Old pint beer glass & ashtray (SY2)
Offer: Britax isofix base (SY2) Gifted - Semi universal
Offer: Table (SY2) Gifted - Low - only about 10” high. About 36” x 15” Pretty rough!
Offer: 4ft projector screen (SY2) - No legs so needs to be hung Offer: Large plastic cool box (SY2)
Offer: Kitchen fittings (SY2) Gifted - Mix hinges etc. Been in shed so will need a clean
Offer: Box of paints (SY2) Gifted - Complete mix of random paints & stains
Offer: Sky router (SY2) - All ok I think
Offer: Mixer tap (SY2) Gifted - Think ok but can’t remember!
Offer: Wand mixer. Stopped working (SY2)
Offer: Various folding chairs (SY2) Gifted - Think about 5
Offer: Stereo (SY2) Gifted - CD lid doesn’t close but functions otherwise.
Offer: Old shoe shapers (SY2) Gifted
Offer: Shoe spikes for icy pavements (SY2) Gifted
Offer: Bar shower unit (SY2) - Think it works ok...it might need a descale.
Offer: Random watches (SY2) Gifted - And an old pedometer...
Offer: Bosch dishwasher (SY2) Gifted - Old. Really old - about 28 years but used daily (until a few weeks ago). Very clean inside, but grubby outside but not terrible.
Offer: Blood pressure monitor *** (SY2) Gifted - *** rubber bulb has perished so not working..
Offer: Double glazed units (SY2) Gifted - 1 large (about 100 x 115cm) 1 small (about 100 x 35cm) (V approximately)
Offer: Pulsar and Royal watches (SY2) Gifted - Not sure if either /both work
Offer: Various candle holders (SY2) Gifted - And some candles
Offer: Bosch windscreen wipers (SY2) - Not sure if been used. Possibly for a Skoda Fabia