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Offer: Large Infl Swimming Pool (GU23 7) Gifted - 10ft x 10ft Inflatable Swimming Pool. Needs a good jet wash. But as far as we know no punctures. Request: Old Corrugated Tin Sheets (GU23 7) - Hi does anyone have at least 2 or more of these please. Be great if anyone can help. Thankyou
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Request: Iron Safe (GU23 7) - Looking for an old iron key safe. Will offer cash. Request: Mower Enthusiast (GU23 7) - Looking for someone with a side interest/hobby in servicing mowers, can you help? Request: Old Stereo Enthusiast (GU23 7) - Looking for someone that knows how to wire up an old NAD separates system to and outbound roof Omni aerial to pick up FM stations but that cancalso wire up all seperates :-) can offer a drink. Request: Electric Saw Fixer (GU23 7) Received - Is there anyone who has a hobby in fixing Chop/Mitre Saws please? Request: Mulch Lorry Load (GU23 7) Received - We are looking for a lorry load of Mulch, free if poss and a drink for delivery or what can you offer?? Request: Greenhouse Wood Burning Stove (GU23 7) Received - Can you help? Request: Concrete Planters (GU23 7) Received - Looking for any unwanted Concrete Planters for our garden, if you can help? Request: Oak Plank (GU23 7) Received - Looking for a 3ft x 2ft x 2mm thick piece of Oak to replace old table top or near dimensions. If anyone can help that would be great :-)
Request: Chainsaw Enthusiast (GU23 7) Received - Looking for someone that has a hobby in Chainsaws. Can you help? Request: Wrought Iron Furniture (GU23 7) - Looking to find any unwanted Garden Cast/Wrought Iron furniture for me to restore to put in our garden :-) Request: Ghetto Blaster (GU23 7) - Looking for an unwanted old retro 1980's portable Ghetto Blaster(Boom Box), if anyone can assist please? Request: CB Radio (GU23 7) Received - Just wondering if anyone has a no longer required CB Radio? Thanks Request: Logs Wanted. (GU23 7) - Looking for any seasoned(year or more) burnable fuel. Logs, thick'ish branches, crowns etc please for the coming wintry months, if you have anything in your garden you want to get rid of :-) Request: Microwave (GU23 7) Received - Looking for a Microwave, can you help for my daughter's 1st flat. Any condition as long as working and not rusty. Thankyou. Request: Microwave (GU23 7) Received - Looking for a Microwave, can you help? :-) Request: Free Logs (GU23 7) - We are wondering if anyone has any logs or split logs that maybe seasoned and are looking to give away. Thanks Request: Logs Wanted (GU23 7) - Any logs or crowns or split logs or thick branches that you dont want anymore,would be greatly appreciated Thanks Request: Old Wooden Garden Bench (GU23 7)
Offer: Unseived Sandy Soil (GU23 7) - Approx 18ft x 4 ft unsieved with stones n twigs lovely sandy soil, dug from back garden. Please bring bags and sovel. Can help and help to load. Take as much or as little as you require. Request: Logs (GU23 7) Received - We are wondering if anyone has any unwanted Logs,Crowns, thick'ish branches sitting in their garden they want to get rid of, make nice winter fuel for us :-) Request: Old Wooden Garden Bench (GU23 7)
Offer: jvc dvd player (GU23 7) Gifted - Jvc dvd player working. No remote.
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Offer: Scrap Metal Gazebo n Bits (GU23 7) Gifted - Scrap metal gazebo i have grinded into pieces. Request: Roofing Felt (GU23 7) - Looking for any surplus Shed/Roofing Felt please. Offer: Single Dry Mattress (GU23 7) Gifted - Just under 8" thick. Dry used. No obvious rips was my daughters. Now stored in hallway.
Offer: Lovely clean Double Mattress. (GU23 7) Gifted - Lovely cream & embossed gold colour squirls. Fire resistant. 9" thick. Just taken from my daughters bed as she bought new mattress and bed. Dry no rips or tears. One black scuff on side apart from that VGC. Extremely comfortable was expensive from new. Any questions welcome. Now stored in hallway.
Offer: Wavy Mirror (GU23 7) - Good Mirror slight chip at the bottom.
Request: Bedroom Desk (GU23 7) Received - Looking for a desk for our daughter if anyone can help please, a bit like this one. Thankyou.