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Offer: Multitude of things!! (South end) Gifted - I have a lot of things I would like to donate but can't be thrown in a donation bin. Kurt Cobain wood mounted picture Starbucks travel mug Beatles books Sleemans steins aka thunder mugs Eric Carle children's books and e-reader Lulu lemon water bottle Christmas tree with one missing foot Casino game All in great condition with the exception of the Christmas tree which is missing a foot. The casino game is also a little old. Pick up on south end. MUST TAKE ALL as I won't wait around for multiple people Offer: Old records (South end) Gifted - I have an assortment of old records available. One of supertramp, one of triumph, one of Barbara Streisand and a select few others. Pick up in south end please Offer: Beatles poster (South end) Gifted - Poster is of a Hard Days night. It's black and white and dark blue in colour. It did get a little bent when it was rolled up in storage so it has some creasing. Pick up im south end please Offer: Dishes (South end) Gifted - I have a two mugs (both with the Beatles on them), a bowl, and a brand new plastic water bottle. All in great condition. Pick up in south end please Offer: Beatles magazines (South end) Gifted - An assortment of magazines, all with the Beatles or any individual Beatle on the cover. Pick up in south end please Offer: 3ft Christmas treat (South end) Gifted - 3ft artificial Christmas tree with one out of three feet missing. Pick up in south end please Offer: A million plastic hangers (South end) Gifted - Not actually a million, but I can't be bothered to count them. Below is a picture of most of them. In great condition, not dirty or broken. Pick up only please Offer: Unopened bag of dried chickpea (South end) Gifted - Unopened 8lb bag of dried desi chickpeas. When I bought them online I thought they were regular chickpeas. I honestly just don't know what to do with them so I'd like to give them away! Pick up in south end or downtown please Offer: Records (South end) Gifted - I have quite a few old records to give away. Old in the sense where they probably aren't even playable. Some of them don't even have sleeves so they're probably only good for decoration/crafts. Pick up in south end or downtown please Offer: Reusable bags (South end) Gifted - I have two reusable bags full of other reusable bags. Some are sobeys/walmart/superstore style and others have zippers, from Saje, davids tea etc. A wide variety of bags that I never use. Pick up in south end please Offer: Nail polish (South end) Gifted - I have several bottles of nail polish available. Mostly unused. Some mini bottles and some full size. Various brands and colours. Pick up in south end or downtown please Offer: Nuk breast milk storage bags (South end) Gifted - I have two boxes of nuk breast milk storage bags. Each box contains 50 but I used about two only to find out my son doesn't drink milk from bottles or cups. Besides the one bag holding the bags I used, the rest are still sealed and in bags and boxes. I also have one born free dippy cup with handles Pick up in south end please :) Offer: Party supplies (South end) Gifted - Everything was purchased from the dollar store and hardly any was used so I have many leftovers! Includes: - clear plastic cups -bamboo skewers/toothpicks - red and white polka for paper napkins - blue and white polka dot napkins - multicolour plastic straws - red square styrofoam plates Pick up in south end please Offer: Odds and ends (South end) Gifted - I have multiple things here that I would like to avoid throwing out. Includes: Mason jar tops and kids Various glass jars (that don't fit said lids) 3/4 finished pumpkin spice scented candle (large glass jar with bamboo + silicone top) Pick up in south end please Offer: Plastic laundry basket (South end) Gifted - It's yellow in colour, one handle has been snapped but I have been using it broken for years without an issue. It could probably even be mended but I haven't tried Pick up in south end please Offer: Dollar store picture frames (South end) Gifted - Two fit two regular size photos (4x6) and the other one is a square,approx. 6"x6"