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Upgrade Your Existing Group Memberships

Just switch your existing Yahoo Groups memberships to use your personal trash nothing! email address that you will receive when you sign up.

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How To Switch Your Group Email Address
Note: The Yahoo Groups site recently changed and the images below may be different from what you will see.
  1. On your groups home page, click the Edit Membership link near the top of the page above the group name. (Don't know how to find your group's home page?)
  2. Under the Email Addresses section, click Add new email address
  3. On the Account Info page under your current email addresses, click Add Another and enter the email address you receive after signing up and click Save. (If you get an error, make sure you remove any blank spaces around the email address)

    You'll receive an email with instructions for verifying the address (check your spam and/or junk folder if you don't receive it in a few minutes). Follow the instructions in the email before doing Step 4.

  4. Go back to the your group's Edit Membership page (as you did in Step 1) and change your membership settings as follows and then click the Save Changes button (repeat this Step for any additional groups you are a member of).
    Email Address: [your email address]*
    Message Delivery: Individual Email
    Message Preference: Fully Featured
    *You'll receive a email address when you sign up.

If you are a member of more than one group, you only need to follow Steps 1-3 for the first group and repeat Step 4 for each additional group.

Note: Only the group posts that are sent to your email account will show up on trash nothing!  So you will probably have to wait a day or two after you switch the email address before your group and its posts show up on your trash nothing! account.

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