How are craigslist posts different?

*NOTE: Craigslist posts are no longer available on trash nothing as the data provider of the posts was sued out of existence by Craigslist.

Craigslist posts originate from the free section of the US and Canadian sites on To control which posts you see from Craigslist, go to the Post Options section of the Profile page and use the Public Posts setting.

If you are using the trash nothing! app from the app store, it does not yet support Craigslist posts. The posts are available on the site and in the web app (you can bookmark the web app to your home screen to make it work more like a native app).

Posts from Craigslist differ from other posts in the following ways:

  • Posts are not moderated or reviewed before being published. If you see a post that isn't appropriate, use the Flag Post option to report it.
  • Posts are often deleted from Craigslist much quicker than other posts. And because the data provider we get Craigslist posts from doesn't know when a post is deleted, the posts will continue showing up on trash nothing even if they have been deleted on Craigslist. To check if a post is still available before replying, use the original post link to view the post on Craigslist.
  • There is no reply button on the posts because replies must be sent to the contact information that shows up below or in the post (usually there is an email or telephone number).
  • It is not possible to submit new posts to Craigslist through trash nothing. If you need to post to Craigslist, you can do so through the site or by using one of the Craigslist apps that are available on the app stores.