How do I use my existing freecycling groups on trash nothing?

There are two options. The first option is to follow the forwarding instructions to connect your existing group membership to your trash nothing! account. This option takes more effort but it will work with any group on Yahoo Groups.

The other option is to find and join your group from the Groups page (learn how). This will create a second subscription for you that is separate from your old subscription (so you might want to unsubscribe on Yahoo Groups rather than have duplicate subscriptions).

Not every freecycling group is listed on trash nothing! yet because we need permission from the volunteer moderators who run the group before we can list their group. You can help us get your group listed by emailing your local moderators* and telling them that you're interested in using trash nothing! The moderators can then contact us at to get their group listed.

*With most groups, you can find the moderator email address near the bottom of the group home page (it usually ends with the text "").