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  • How can I delete, remove or edit my posts?

    Currently there is no way to delete or edit posts. The main reason for this is that the majority of people receive the posts by email. And because you can't change an email once it has been sent, changes to posts wouldn't be seen by people who only view the posts in their email account.

    That said, posts are automatically removed from the listings on the site and in the apps after 90 days. To have your posts removed from the listings sooner, you can mark your Offer as gifted or mark your Request as received.

  • How do I mark my Offer as gifted?

    Once your item has been given away, go to the Your Posts page and click on the Offer post that contains the item(s) that you want to mark as gifted. Click the button labelled "Mark as Gifted" that is below the post title. This will remove your old Offer post from the group listings.

  • What is freecycling and how does it work?

    The idea of freecycling is to promote the three R's (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) by making it easy for people to give away their unwanted but reusable items to people who can use them.

    And the way it works is that there are thousands of locally run, grassroots freecycling groups around the world. Once you find and join your local groups, you can post 'Offers' for items you want to give away, or 'Requests' for items you need (as long as you follow some basic rules shown below).

    For example, here is how offering an item works:

    1. You have a bike you don't need and you want to dispose of it.
    2. Instead of throwing it away, you join your local freecycling group.
    3. You then submit an 'Offer' post to the group that describes your bike and your general location and your post will be sent to all the members of the group.
    4. Group members interested in your bike will reply to your post to contact you privately.
    5. You choose which person you would like to give the bike to.
    6. Between the two of you, you arrange a time and place for them to come and pick up the bike.
    7. Your bike is picked up.
    8. You let everyone on your local group know that the bike is no longer available by marking your 'Offer' post as gifted.
    9. You've given away your bike with little effort to someone who can use it, met someone new from your community and kept something out of the landfill. Great for you and the planet!

    Similarly, when you need an item you can create a new 'Request' post and if someone has what you need, they will contact you to offer it.

    What You Can Find

    You can give and get almost anything on your local freecycling group. Some of the most common posts are for items such as old electronics, building materials, clothes and books.

    Even things you might not consider reusable like cloth scraps, scratched CDs and broken appliances sometimes find homes with artists looking for materials or tinkerers looking for an interesting project or spare parts. Items you offer aren't expected to be in perfect condition as long as you accurately describe their condition when you offer them.

    So next time you're cleaning out the garage, moving to a new place or about to throw something away, don't forget that someone on your local freecycling group might be able to use your unwanted stuff.


    When posting to your local freecycling group, you must follow these rules:

    • Groups are only used for offering and requesting free items.
      • No selling, trading or spamming is allowed.
      • No chatting (some groups have separate cafe groups for chatting)
    • Be respectful and polite
    • Nothing illegal should be posted (no drugs, weapons, etc.)
    • All items posted should be appropriate for all ages.

    Individual groups often have additional rules. The rules are enforced by the volunteer moderators who manage the group and each group has different moderators. If you have questions about a group's rules, you can contact the moderators.

  • How do I handle no-shows?

    If you're offering an item and someone misses the arranged pickup, it's up to you how to handle it. Most people give the person a 2nd chance within a day or two before offering the item to the next person in line.

    It's always a good idea to collect a few replies to your offers before marking them as gifted. This makes it easier to give away your item without having to repost.

  • I replied to a few posts but I never got any responses?

    Sometimes emails end up in people's spam or junk mail folders so make sure you check your spam or junk mail folders for replies (sadly it's impossible to know if an email ends up in a recipients spam or junk mail folder). And it never hurts to resend an email if you don't hear back within a day or two.

    Other times, you won't receive responses because people forget to mark their offers as gifted. This causes their offers to stay on the group when they should have been removed. To help prevent this, posts are automatically removed from the listings after 90 days.

    This can also happen when someone posts a popular item that causes them to get a lot of replies. Rather than reply to everyone, people often only reply to the person they choose to gift the item to.

    And a lot of posts get claimed within a few hours or days of being posted. So you're more likely to get a response if you reply soon after a post is published.