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  • How do I mark my Offer post and/or items as gifted?

    Go to the Your Posts page and click on the Offer post that contains the item(s) that you want to mark as gifted. Click the button or link labelled "Mark as Gifted" that is below the post title. This will remove your old Offer post from the group listings.

  • How can I delete, remove or edit my posts?

    Currently there is no way to delete or edit posts. The main reason for this is that the majority of people receive the posts by email. And because you can't change an email once it has been sent, changes to posts wouldn't be seen by people who only view the posts in their email account.

    That said, posts are automatically removed from the listings on the site and in the apps after 90 days. To have your posts removed from the listings sooner, you can mark your Offer as gifted or mark your Request as received.