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An easier way to run freecycling groups
better for you and your group members,
designed to give you more control with less work 

We've automated many of the repetitive and tedious moderation tasks to make your lives easier.
If you're approving a new post, you'll see all the member's recent posts on every group you moderate. Recently Posted Freecycle Posts
The tan posts are Offers and the green posts are Wants.
With the post composer, you'll never have to correct member's subject lines again. Freecycle Post Composer
The post composer form fields.
If you're approving a new membership request, you'll see all the other groups the person belongs to and has applied to. Pending Freecycle members Screenshot
Viewing the pending members. Greyed out group names indicate that the group membership is pending.
If you manage multiple groups, you'll see pending posts and pending members and other tasks for all your groups aggregated on one page. Recently Pending Freecycle Posts
The pending posts page with dropdown showing group choices.
Any known spammers from the FCMODSpammers list will be automatically banned from joining your group.

You'll also save time and effort using the new group controls »
On trash nothing, it's easy to run your group according to your rules - whatever they are!
We've built-in support for the most common freecycling rules and the power to customize the rules to fit your group.
You can require a new member's first post to be an Offer or limit the number and frequency of Wants. Setting up Freecycle group Post Limits
The post limit options page.
You can moderate posts from all members, individual members, new members or none of your members. Setting up Freecycle group Post Moderation options
The post moderation options.
You can force posts with profanity, links, phone numbers or any keywords or phrases (pets, alcohol, etc.) to be moderated before being published. Setting up Freecycle group Post Filters
The various post filtering options.
You can remove or edit member's posts at any time. Edit and Delete Freecycle Post options
The moderation options available when viewing a group post.
You can choose to moderate new membership requests or let anyone join your group. Setting up Freecycle group membership settings
The membership moderation options.
Plus, there's a ban list you can use to ban people based on their email address.

And a white list which allows you to pre-approve members if your group moderates new members.
Sample Freecycle Posts
The desktop and the mobile post listing pages.

Always Available
With trash nothing, your members can easily access, browse and post to your group from their computer or their mobile phone or by email.

Less Clutter
With posts categorized and color-coded by type, it's simple for members to browse and find the kind of posts they are interested in. Plus, members no longer have to see Offers that have been claimed and Wants that have been received.

Less Spam, More Privacy
Your members are safer because posts on trash nothing don't reveal their email addresses so that spammers can't harvest your member's information. On top of that, all emails are aggresively filtering to block spam.

And More...
Including simple photo galleries for every post, email alerts for items and the Your Posts page.
Or rather, more focused and dedicated to freecycling than Yahoo.
Yahoo Building
Photo by Adam Rifkin
Yahoo is a great company and has played a huge role in making the web accessible and useful to over half a billion people around the world. But their success is also their weakness when it comes to the future of freecycling.

With over half a billion people using Yahoo products like Search, Mail and Groups and over 50+ other services they provide, the entire freecycling movement and your individual group are a tiny, almost insignificant fraction of Yahoo's business - and it shows.

Constant attacks from spammers and viruses plague most groups and recurring problems with email delivery, message search and a lack of support for moderators only make things worse. Yahoo simply doesn't have enough people or time to address individual group problems (especially with the recent layoffs). But the drawback of Yahoo Groups is simpler than all of that. It simply wasn't designed or developed to support freecycling.

In comparison, we have one driving goal at trash nothing:

Growing and spreading freecycling by making it quicker, easier and more accessible to everyone.

From the start, we've worked with individual moderators and groups to realize this goal. We're smaller than Yahoo but that also means we're faster and more responsive when it comes to supporting individual groups and members.

And our focus on freecycling makes it easier for us to quickly develop and release new services and upgrades for the community.

For those of you wondering how all of this is possible, we are a business that earns money from freecycling. But all of our products and services are free of charge. Like Yahoo Groups, we are able to cover our costs by showing ads on our site. The ads keep us sustainable and ensure that we can concentrate on freecycling.

If you ever have any questions, problems or any kind of feedback, we'd love to hear from you so please don't hesitate to drop us an email or schedule a call.
Easy to Move
We've made moving from Yahoo simple. It only takes a minute to set your group up and you can ensure a seamless transition for your existing members by enabling post re-publishing and by white-listing your Yahoo members.

Freecycle Post Republishing Post Re-Publishing: If enabled, posts from your group on trash nothing will show up on the your old Yahoo Group. This allows your members to switch at their own convenience without depriving them of access to the group during the transition.

Freecycle Post Republishing Member White-Listing: If you choose to moderate new members, you can white list all your members from Yahoo so that they are pre-approved to join and you won't need to re-approve each one.
Easy to Learn
Freecycle Group Management page
The main group management page.
We've kept the group management interface simple (and similar to Yahoo Groups in many ways) so it won't take you long to learn how to manage groups on trash nothing.

For example, you can still moderate posts and membership requests by email or through the site. And your group can be set up with the same sorts of post and member moderation settings (see More Control for details).
Easy to Get Help
We're just an email away! You can use the contact form to email us or schedule a call.

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